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Suzy Gyde

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Oh Suzy! is a womenswear label based in the northern French city of Lille, infused with a modern take on a retro spirit. Under the artistic direction of its founder Suzy Gydé, the collections are a wardrobe that is free from being a slave to trends, instead of playing freely with genres and identity. Each season pays homage to a woman, a film, a memory, an era. The creations bear the imprint of the past but are the essence of contemporary style. Her varied prints, fabrics, and blends pulsate with the diverse inspirations of the designer.

From her creating exclusive prints to her precise execution of each cut to her intense choice of materials to the meticulous production process, Oh Suzy! is made in France with respect to its ethics and respect for sustainability, which are shared by the label’s partners. The collections form an ideal wardrobe for the woman seeking elegance, colour, lightness and comfort – the woman who loves to mix it up. This is a woman inspired by the past as she looks daringly to the future.


Oh Suzy !

58 rue du Faubourg des Postes à Lille

Ouverture : Créateur en contrat junior


06 62 24 87 56