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Alexandre Nicaud Cassart

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After studying accounting and visual communications, Alexandre Nicaud Cassart enrolled himself in esteemed fashion institution Esmod Paris, where he discovered and mastered the techniques of creating womenswear and accessories with savoir faire.

He dreamed of establishing his own brand, so he dived in and started KRST Studio. The mission: to offer a wardrobe composed of hybrid materials that give each piece its own volume, feel and attitude. Taking his cues from haute couture, the French symbol of expertise from another time, this young designer wishes to create unique collections that are functional and can be worn every day.

Midway between tradition and innovation, he works with fabrics ranging from the luxurious to the industrial to those used in sportswear, the latter whose technical nature makes them an ideal laboratory for experimentation.

He works by meticulously by hand at the heart of his atelier, using refined techniques of assembling, constructing and finishing each garment. It is this added value that endows KSRT Studio with its own DNA: a singular, inimitable style inspired by today’s woman.


KSRT Studio

58, rue du Faubourg des Postes à Lille

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