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Daniel Essa

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Daniel Essa

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Daniel Essa has maintained a close link to fashion since he was young. Convinced back then that this would be his destiny, he studied fashion design and pattern-making at ESMOD in Damascus.

Fresh from earning his degree, he took the reins of his own television broadcast where he held court on fashion, trends, lifestyle and beauty. This adventure of his lasted three years, leading to him launching his own Youtube channel ‘The Parisian Gents’ where he shares advice and other pearls of wisdom. The themes are dedicated to men with élan and a taste for the good life: clothes, traveling and grooming.

With these experiences under his belt, he set off to conquer Europe, taking on the classic capitals of fashion: Paris, London, Milan… On this new continent, he studied the shoe market for two years. He noticed that there was a certain void that needed to be filled, which pushed him to create his own brand with a goal of selling internationally.

He has realised his dream. Always on the lookout for new influences, in a constant quest for inspiration, he loves to observe the world around him, which brings him new ideas and exposure to new cultures. All of the above informs his debut collection, giving him his own unique flavour and character.


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