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Marilyn Feltz

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Marilyn Feltz & Alexis Gaffuri

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Marilyn Feltz is a new, high-end womenswear label launched in 2015 by the designer of the same name and her spouse Alexis Gaffuri.
From the label’s very start, Feltz has championed – through her creations and images – a strong, independent, modern woman who is very aware of the world around her. The garments are produced in limited quantities, allowing for top quality in capsule collections that are truly ‘Made in France’. Silks and jacquards from Lyon, French military stripes and braiding, mohair from the Pyrenees: French expertise in technique that is the envy of the world is summoned for the designer in creating exceptional garments. Inspired by fully realised personalities living their best lives, the Marilyn Feltz look has found love from women worldwide – from Brooklyn to Tokyo to Brussels to Lille. Classic, elegant and imbued with history, the Marilyn Feltz silhouette still plays with conventions thanks to a very rock ’n roll and a DIY edge, both a tribute to her misspent youth.
Wedged between affordable luxury and slow fashion, Marilyn Feltz the designer and her partner Alexis Gaffuri have given new life to a certain idea of high quality and haute Couture…with a capital C