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The fundamentals of Google Analytics: a new coaching in collaboration with Eurateach

This new coaching will take place on March 9, 2021 in the form of collective coaching in online training via the Jitsi tool.

Maisons de Mode has chosen to set up coaching sessions to address the specific issues of entrepreneurs.

During the entire confinement period, we launched sessions that were very successful and we remained present alongside the brands. We are therefore continuing these online actions to allow everyone to access these training courses wherever they are, even if they do not have the Maison de Mode label.

Digital activity, accelerated by the health crisis, has enabled many brands to stay on course for the development of their turnover. However, digitizing your approach requires setting up a number of tools to prospect and qualify your customers. Maisons de Mode has chosen to focus on Google Analytics , a free and essential dashboard to find out more about the people who visit your website.

Learning to use Google Analytics allows you to track key metrics on your site and, after analysis, implement a strategy to attract more traffic and leads. Damien Poorteman , Analytics project manager for more than 2 years at meetyourdata, will lead this session aimed at raising awareness among brands about the Google Analytics tool and the use of the data it delivers.


1 – Audience: understand the types of users
Statistics and dimensions
Standard reports
Some user data

2 – Acquisition: how do users come to your site?
Acquisition channels
Sources and media
UTMs to effectively track your campaigns

3 – Behavior: what are users doing on your site?
Pages and associated kpi’s (exits / bounces / entries / average time)
Internal research
Optimizing page loading

4 – Conversions: e-commerce focus / objectives
Define the objectives of your site
Measure performance and goals
Understand the life of the product from printing to conversion

Have created a Google Analytics account, linked to their website

Coaching will take place in the form of collective coaching which will take place on March 9, 2021 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on the online tool Jitsi

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