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Spotlight 31st Marché des Modes : Céleste


Céleste Paris was born of a passionate desire for freedom and a dream to create a world of sweetness and light.

Charlotte & Chloé have always loved the bodysuit because it provides both streamlined style and warmth. But they were tired of subpar cuts and synthetic materials. They longed for a touch of elegance that would elevate the garment, but what they saw was lacking.

One of the duo is a veteran of the international market through Vente Privée, while the other refined her skills at Maison Kitsuné. Thus armed, they are more than up to the challenge of making the bodysuit practical, comfortable and stylish.

After months and months of trial and error, they have finally triumphed in creating a new generation of bodysuit, the undergarment that will simplify a woman’s daily life.

Their dream is to make the Céleste Paris an indispensable part of a woman’s wardrobe. Thanks to their work, with Céleste you’ll feel freer and more beautiful than ever.

Discover the label’s full range at the upcoming Marché des Modes which takes place 30 November to 2 December in Roubaix (at ENSAIT, Le Vestiaire and boutiques along Avenue Jean Lebas).

Maisons de Mode Events

Spotlight 31st Marché des Modes : Mohme Paris


Conceived as the ideal wardrobe by its two designers, the style of Mohme Mohme is a combination of complementary yet opposing personalities. Made for the woman who is driven, inquisitive, and a world traveller in search of authenticity, the collections are inspired by the day-to-day dynamics of the designers – with a soupçon of Asian flair.

Born in France, the designers fell in love with Asia in 2009, returning there in 2014 after having worked with some of the biggest fashion houses in France. They decided to launch Mohme there where everything started from Shanghai. Maude brings to the table her artistic sensibilities and imagination while Hélène brings her energy and natural charisma, which is evident in the label. Together, they form a dynamic duo offering collections bearing their signature in vivid colours.

You can discover Mohme at the next Marché des Modes organised by Maisons de Mode this 30 November to 2 December in Roubaix, at Le Vestiaire, in Maisons de Mode boutiques along the Avenue Jean Lebas, and at ENSAIT.

Maisons de Mode Events

Spotlight 31st Marché des Modes : Poka Paris


As with every year, a little before winter arrives, Maisons de Mode organises a huge “fashion fair” in Roubaix of emerging fashion and lifestyle labels. This exceptional event offers a discriminating selection of talented designers from France and beyond attracting 15,000 visitors every year.
As a cherry on top, the Marché des Modes fashion fair takes place the same weekend as the Nuit des Arts night of art. At the same time, there is also the renowned Braderie de l’Art sale, making Roubaix “the place to be” in terms of festivities, creativity and art.

Among the selection at the upcoming edition of Marché des Modes is Poka Paris, a high-end French leather goods house offering quality bags and accessories made in France. The label creates limited editions of models conceived as jewels – both fashionable and elegant.

Poka Paris stands out because of the intense colours of its leathers, its unique patterns and its flourishes. So many personal touches reflect the label’s upbeat spirit and fluid simplicity.

Inspired by the daily life of women, Poka Paris offers the freedom to change up your style thanks to a collection of interchangeable flaps to customise your bag according to whatever occasion.

The label offers high-end pieces at reasonable prices through its website without middlemen or bricks-and-mortar points of sale while also taking part in pop-up shops throughout France where they touch base with their customers.

Want to know more about Poka Paris while discovering more than 100 other designers? Then the places to be are ENSAIT, Le Vestiaire and Maisons de Mode boutiques along Avenue Jean Lebas at the next Marché des Modes Friday 30 November from 4 pm to 9 pm, Saturday 1 December from 11 am to 11 pm, and Sunday 2 December from 11am to 7 pm.

Maisons de Mode Events

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Les photos du Marché des Modes

Crédits Photos : Sophie Stalnikiewicz

Maisons de Mode Events

In the 30th Marché des Modes spotlight : Alaskan Maker

Alaskan Maker-Marché-des-Modes-Maisons-de-Mode

Alaskan Maker is a gorgeous brand of beautiful, sturdy and practical accessories for men and women on the move, in search of simple pleasures with the real value.

After several years as entrepreuneurs, Céline and Baptiste Vandenberghe decided that this was the project they would launch, then take to the next level.

They had both dreamt of conceiving a range of stunning accessories that would excel in form as well as they do in function.

It all started with a crazy campaign on crowdfunding site Ulule in March 2017, during which they sold more than 720 aprons. The reactions of return users were rapturous. Alaskan Maker was born.
Since then, they’ve created the Firepit brazier, the Handy wallet (another item that received raves during its campaign), the Lumberjack log bag, and the personalisable Escapade shopping bag.
Their challenge has been very simple: to prove that it is possible to sell beautiful, practical products of high quality at affordable prices.
The word ‘Alaskan’ was chosen for the brand due to the Vandenberghes being inspired by the American northwest. A journey 5,000 miles from home took them to discover nature at its most elemental and raw. They decided to echo this in the choice of materials employed and the styles rendered in Alaskan Maker products. And the name conjures up the freedoms from another era, a time of fur trappers and lumberjacks and their independent spirit.
The word ‘Maker’ also appears in the label because these rugged adventurers are the inspiration for this brand. ‘Alaskan Maker’ makes people proud of what they achieve – big or small, immediate successes or works in progress.

‘Maker’ is also a fitting moniker for this brand because it was built by the Vandenberghes’ own hands. They chose to do everything themselves from the start: the website, photos of the products, the logo, product design and samples, and the supporting marketing materials. Making a business for consumers who are ‘makers’ themselves.

Out of gift ideas for people on your holiday shopping list? Then stop by the Marché des Modes which will take place at the landmark ENSAIT building and at Le Vestiaire December 1-3 in Roubaix. There, you’ll be able to meet the Vandenberghes and share their passion for practical pleasures.

Please note our new event hours:
Friday 1 December from 4 pm to 9 pm
Saturday 2 December from 12 pm to 11 pm
Sunday 3 December from 11 am to 7 pm

Maisons de Mode Events

Marché des Modes and Nuit des Arts

Nuit des Arts Roubaix Maisons de Mode Braderie de l'Art

This Marché des Modes will coincide with the 16th edition of a night dedicated entirely to the arts of photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, installations and more at the Marché des Modes and the Braderie de l’Art !
These art forms will be on display throughout the entire city in museums and cultural spaces as well as cafés, restaurants, and bookstores. More than 30 places to discover through the prism of exhibitions, roaming displays and performance art.

Maisons de Mode Events

In the 30th Marché des Modes spotlight : Etik Paris

Etik Paris-Marché-des-Modes-Maisons-de-Mode

With a strong fashion identity, Etik is the essence of high quality cashmere that is nevertheless affordable. With luxury detailing rendered through a production process of traditional craftsworkers, the brand takes care to respect all those participating in bringing the garment to you – from the suppliers to buyers to the end-consumer.
Etik Paris is a young French label – sincere and fresh – founded by a couple in love with beautiful materials and a relaxed style that’s easy to adapt for everyday wear.

The concept is of accessible luxury that is timeless, with a poetry in the lines and cuts of each sweater, making the pieces elegant as well as heartwarming.

The new womenswear collection works around two grand themes:

A line of well-thought-out basics that are distinguished by piping at the wrist to add a little flourish of elegance. In an array of colours, these pieces will be essential this winter.

And then there’s a more adventurously creative line with a distinctive twist featuring a wrap-around silhouette that works on women for their everyday life.

And because every person is one-a-kind, each model has a detail and a uniqueness that defines it and sets it apart from the rest of the collection.

Designer Marine has traveled the world and has constructed her own culture of relaxed chic that meets different needs.
She is assisted by Sébastien, a fashion professional who learned much working with prestigious fashion houses. He is also a renowned knitwear maker. A relationship of trust, interwoven with love and pure cashmere, has allowed them to avoid the middlemen to offer ‘Etik’ prices. They also guarantee that each technical detail meets their values and that their ethical standards for worker conditions in producing each garment are upheld.
In the very competitive field of fashion where affordability is key, Etik strives to merit the trust of its young, demanding clientele still desirous of quality cashmere.

The DNA of the label is embedded with respect for the perennial values of quality and reliability. Trust is the basis of every purchase online. Etik evokes up-to-the-minute style and luxurious materials for a new generation of urban trendsetters, lovers of quality clothing that they wear like a second skin.

This will be the first Marché des Modes for Etik Paris, taking place at the landmark ENSAIT building and at Le Vestiaire. Here you’ll be able to discover all weekend their world of cashmere and their shared vision December 1-3 in Roubaix.

Please note our new event hours:
Friday 1 December from 4 pm to 9 pm
Saturday 2 December from 12 pm to 11 pm
Sunday 3 December from 11 am to 7 pm