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L’Herbe Rouge comes home


Now at the end of its contract with Maisons de Mode, L’Herbe Rouge is coming home to Lille where the label will open a new concept-store. This new project will take over the reins from the label’s studio-boutique at 81-83 Avenue Jean Lebas in Roubaix, which will be closing December 2016,

So drop by this new address to discover this leading ethical, environmental-friendly lifestyle brand at 13 Rue du Cirque in Lille.

Maisons de Mode in the Media

L’Herbe Rouge among the greats

Elle - 26 juin 2015

In its latest edition, French Elle eatures a special on ethical fashion where, along with other notable labels, l’Herbe Rouge,gets the spotlight. The label is celebrated for having earned a fervent following among fashionistas and retailers wanting quality style that is produced through ethically and ecologically sound practices..

Kudos to l’Herbe Rouge for maintaining its founding principles while continuing to grow as a fashion force to be reckoned with.