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Les créateurs Maisons de Mode dans la sélection Noël de Madame Figaro

Madame Figaro Noël Maisons de Mode

En quête d’inspiration pour les fêtes de Noël ? Madame Figaro a fait sa sélection shopping pour celles et ceux qui seraient en panne d’idées !

Ce n’est pas sans compter sur les créateurs du label Maisons de Mode, qui s’illustrent dans les choix de la rédaction du magazine : Chlore, Daniel Essa, Sophie Masson ou bien encore une ancienne créatrice accompagnée par le label, Julie Meuriss. Alors qu’attendez-vous pour découvrir leurs collections et faire plaisir aux gens que vous aimez ?

Julie Meuriss

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Trained as a fashion designer, Julie Meuriss first worked for the Bill Tornade label in Paris. But she changed course when she created her first handbag for French designer Sylvia Rielle. In 2006, she threw herself headfirst into a creative adventure, presenting her first collection of handbags. Ever since then, Julie Meuriss has offered an original take on these accessory essentials, blending the poetic with the precious with the funky.

She finds inspiration in the world of girls, creating bags and pouches as intimate as a box of secrets. Each model is created as a portable, intimate cabinet of curiosities. The designer’s wish is that each bag opens a small, new world to the owner – precious and clever, with the inside as interesting as the outside.

Pieces in each collection range from pouches to oversized bags made in leather, suede and canvas. Belts and scarves have been recently added to the range. These accessories run the gamut from everyday-practical to urban chic to posh to retro.

Attention to detail and the choice of materials used make each bag delicate to the touch, and gorgeous to behold. Julie Meuriss takes pride in searching across Europe for the highest quality materials and top-notch suppliers renowned for their stock. Italian leather, Liberty fabric from the UK, and other sources contribute to making a Julie Meuriss bag a must-have.

Julie Meuriss is sold in Lille at her boutique-studio which bears her name, as well as through more than 50 points of sale worldwide (France, Japan, Belgium, Greece, Italy, and more).