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Maisons de Mode in the Media

New Daniel Essa interview on M6

Maisons de Mode designer Daniel Essa was featured on M6 in a segment about his journey to creating his brand – and his objectives for going even further. He was interviewed both at home and at Lille concept store Série Noire. His profile has risen thanks to his collection of sneakers, whose fans include Whoopi Goldberg and Olivia Palermo.

Maisons de Mode in the Media

Daniel Essa in the spotlight on France 24

Daniel Essa was in the spotlight on France 24 speaking about his career in fashion. The war in Syria drove the young fashion designer to settle in the North of France. Since coming to Lille and joining Maisons de Mode, he launched his eponymous luxury shoe line, which sells to some of the biggest stars in the US. Daniel Essa was invited by Express Orient to take us through what he’s been through.

Maisons de Mode Designers

Daniel Essa discusses his career for France 3

From his youth in Syria and throughout his career, Daniel Essa has had a passion for fashion. Convinced he was destined to follow this path, he started studying fashion design and pattern-making at ESMOD Damascus.
With degree newly in hand, he launched his own TV broadcast where he discussed fashion, trends, lifestyle and grooming.
This three-year adventure led him to launch his Youtube channel “The Parisian Gents” to share his advice and other favourite subjects. Here, he takes on themes he holds dear and that are aimed at men: clothing, travel, and grooming.

Fortified by this experience, he left home to take on Europe, taking in the fashion capitals of Paris, London and Milan.
On this new continent, he studied the shoe market for two years. He saw an opening in the market, which encouraged him to create his own brand for an international audience.
He has realised his dream. Ever searching for new influences, constantly seeking new inspiration, he likes watching the world around him, looking for new ideas and discovering new cultures.

All of this is distilled into his first collection, giving it a unique and singular character.

Maisons de Mode Designers

Ecole de l’E-commerce x Maisons de Mode

Within the framework of setting up diverse partnerships with the regional eco-system starting a year ago, Maisons de Mode signed an agreement with e-commerce school l’Ecole de l’E-commerce de la Fondation Showroomprivé.com. On Monday 12 February, the group of actors on this project came together to lay the first stones on the foundation of this collaboration aiming to give several Maisons de Mode fashion brands more efficient websites.

L’Ecole de l’E-commerce was created by the Fondation Showroomprivé.com within the lncubator Blanchemaille. It has signed on to a partnership with Maisons de Mode’s talent accelerator.

The goal? To give to a second class of learners at the e-commerce school the opportunity to really work with designers, discovering their worlds of aesthetics, their design philosophies, and their products. This is all in service to customising the creation or redesign of each designer’s e-commerce or brand website so that it addresses the particular needs of each young fashion brand.

On Monday 12 February, designers from Colonel Moutarde and Justine Clenquet Jewellery (two success stories straight out of Maisons de Mode) told their own stories of how they triumphed, which largely involved the e-commerce of their business – today representing 2/3 of their sales figures. The teams at Showroomprivé and Maisons de Mode followed up by organising a second meeting between the school’s new promotional arm and nine specially selected designers.

Daniel Essa, Philippe Perissé, Rien que des Bêtises, Rock on the Moon, Oh Suzy, Laila Soares, Sainte Courtisane, Salim Djelloudi and Tricote moi un Tattoo were able to introduce themselves through pitches and meetings centered on their respective projects. The next step will be forming teams – designer-partnerships of learners – for a first joint training session planned for March 27. The subject? SEO.

Daniel Essa

Daniel Essa Maisons de Mode

Daniel Essa has maintained a close link to fashion since he was young. Convinced back then that this would be his destiny, he studied fashion design and pattern-making at ESMOD in Damascus.
Fresh from earning his degree, he took the reins of his own television broadcast where he held court on fashion, trends, lifestyle and beauty.
This adventure of his lasted three years, leading to him launching his own Youtube channel ‘The Parisian Gents’ where he shares advice and other pearls of wisdom. The themes are dedicated to men with élan and a taste for the good life: clothes, traveling and grooming.
With these experiences under his belt, he set off to conquer Europe, taking on the classic capitals of fashion: Paris, London, Milan…
On this new continent, he studied the shoe market for two years. He noticed that there was a certain void that needed to be filled, which pushed him to create his own brand with a goal of selling internationally.
He has realised his dream. Always on the lookout for new influences, in a constant quest for inspiration, he loves to observe the world around him, which brings him new ideas and exposure to new cultures.
All of the above informs his debut collection, giving him his own unique flavour and character.