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Maisons de Mode Designers

Two former Maisons de Mode designers making moves in Paris

Big news from designers Aurélie Chadaine and Andrée Sorant, formerly at Le Vestiaire in Roubaix, who have taken what they learned from Maisons de Mode to develop their brands further…

Aurélie Chadaine has been at the flagship Bon Marché store in Paris for five consecutive weekends presenting her new collection of custom-made bags to her growing client list.
And Andrée Sorant is set to be part of the Shirts exhibition, organised by French concept store Merci. This expo is devoted to shirts and to women’s and men’s style.

Maisons de Mode Designers

And the winner is : this year’s 48H Maisons de Mode designer awards

During Friday night’s 48H Maisons de Mode fashion show, industry professionals bestowed numerous awards and kudos on Maisons de Mode designers.

Laila Soares, who has just moved to 51 Rue du Faubourg des Postes in Lille, was awarded:

The 2015 Maisons de Mode Grand Prize
The Fédération du Prêt à Porter Féminin (Womenswear Federation) Prize
The Julie Brunel Consultant Prize

Design duo Sainte Courtisane, whose boutique is at 45 Rue du Faubourg des Postes in Lille, took home:

The Printemps Prize
The French Talents Prize
The Julie Brunel Consultant Prize

Le Colonel Moutarde with its shop at 62 rue du Faubourg des Postes in Lille, walked away with the audience favourite honour:

The Coup de Coeur du Public Prize

Last year’s Maisons de Mode Grand Prizewinner Laurence André, Grand Prix Maisons de Mode 2014, who is now part of Le Vestiaire at 27 Rue de l’Espérance in Roubaix, won:

The Who’s Next Prize
The Julie Brunel Consultant Prize

Marie Laurence Stevigny, currently in the incubation programme at Maisons de Mode in Lille, was awarded:

The Première Classe Prize
The Julie Brunel Consultant Prize

Constance L, located at 31 Rue du Faubourg des Postes in Lille, earned:

The BOCI Prize
The Julie Brunel Consultant Prize

Ninii, in the incubation programme at the Jardin de Mode in Lille, took:

The We Pop It Prize

d r ô n e, also in the Maisons de Mode incubation programme, won:

The Meet My Designer Award

Aurélie Chadaine, also a part of Le Vestiaire, 27 Rue de l’Espérance, Roubaix, triumphed with:

The Coup de Coeur Meet My Designer Public Favourite Prize.

Congratulations to all. We wish you nothing but success in your future, with this night marking the beginning of a long list of triumphs.

Maisons de Mode Designers

Maisons de Mode designers meet buyers in Paris


Maisons de Mode designers have set up meetings with professional buyers at Paris trade fairs showrooms to start this morning…and go on into the night. A baptism of fire for some, with successes and learning experiences to be gained, this weekend will see buyers from everything from specialty boutiques to major department stores descend on Paris. The attraction: different trade fairs where they hope to spot the next hot fashion designer.

At the fairs below, you’ll find Maisons de Mode designers :
– at Who’s Next / Première Classe : d r ô n ePochette Square and Aurélie Chadaine
– at Bijorhca : Anaozi, Gisèl B. and Justine Clenquet
– at Maison & Objet : Andrée Sorant and Constance L.

Those wishing to see their work are free to attend the upcoming fashion show at the 48H Maisons de Mode on 18 September at 7 pm. Reservations at

Maisons de Mode Designers

The final pics from the 2015 Spring / Summer Maisons de Mode Campaign

bandeau campagne maisons de mode herbe rouge

Working with a team of photographers and stylists, Maisons de Mode produced a series of photos at the beginning of March – the best of which are featured in the Maisons de Mode 2015 Spring/Summer campaign.

The latest of the series includes a skirt by L’Herbe Rouge, necklaces, a bracelet and a ring by Constance L and leather straps by  Aurélie Chadaine.

Maisons de Mode in the Media

Aurélie Chadaine in Visite Déco !



After having caught the eye of Elle Belgique, Aurélie Chadaine continues to make a (charming) spectacle of herself. Now, interiors magazine Visite Déco is raving about her, having met Aurélie at the last Marché des Modes. Discover what all the buzz is about by stopping by her space and viewing her collections from Wednesday to Saturday in Le Vestiaire, 27 rue de l’Espérance, Roubaix.