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Aurélie Chadaine in Visite Déco !



After having caught the eye of Elle Belgique, Aurélie Chadaine continues to make a (charming) spectacle of herself. Now, interiors magazine Visite Déco is raving about her, having met Aurélie at the last Marché des Modes. Discover what all the buzz is about by stopping by her space and viewing her collections from Wednesday to Saturday in Le Vestiaire, 27 rue de l’Espérance, Roubaix.

Aurélie Chadaine

Portrait NB BR

Originally from the north of France, Aurélie grew up around expert seamstresses who instilled in her the rigorous discipline and precision of sewing. They also imparted on her an appreciation for the finest of materials. An avid art lover, she went on to study fine art in Italy, where she became steeped in the traditions of textiles. She then left for Asia, where she completed her studies and became a research assistant at Hong Kong’s Academy of Visual Arts. There, she led a project that combined her love of the old and her passion for the new, blending textile traditions and innovative technologies.

She returned to Europe and, enriched by her multicultural experiences, taught digital textile design at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna. Her talents would lead to her walking away with two prizes at the prestigious, international Mittelmoda Awards: the Green & Chic Award and the Italian Fabric Award.

In 2013, she debuted the label bearing her name. Inspired by the beauty of natural materials like leather, cotton and linen, she uses techniques such as laser-cutting and quilting to create a collection that blends age-old artistry with new millennium technology. Each bag is made by hand in Aurélie’s workshop and is unique, requiring up to 10 hours of craftsmanship. In keeping with her eco-consciousness, the materials used for her collections come from remnants and discontinued fabrics, guaranteeing the exclusivity of each bag.

“Think different, re-use, re-design & handmade” is Aurélie Chadaine’s personal credo, and the credo of the fashion label bearing her name. A beautiful message rendered in beautiful bags in her boutique-atelier at Le Vestiaire in Roubaix.