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Kamini découvre Maisons de Mode dans Les Gens des Hauts sur France 3


Kamini est parti à la découverte des richesses de la ville de Roubaix dans Les Gens des Hauts sur France 3, émission diffusée ce dimanche ! Il en a profité pour faire une escale chez Maisons de Mode où il a pu rencontrer Jeanne Gulchak, créatrice de La Jeannette, Emmanuelle Axer, directrice du label et Marine Bigo, créatrice de Minirine.
Il a également fait un passage chez Charlotte, créatrice de La Maison Demeure qui lui a fait découvrir son activité d’impression de cuir, qu’elle a débuté lors de son accompagnement chez Maisons de Mode.

Maisons de Mode Events

Spotlight 32nd Marché des Modes : The Cyclist

The Cyclist Marché des Modes mai 2019 Maisons de Mode

The Cyclist is a new label of high quality accessories designed specifically for urban cyclists. Bags, scarves and jewellery are conceived by the label with the goal of simplifying the daily lives of city dwellers by responding to their specific needs: accessories that blend elegant form with function. The collection also serves a third need: that of making the wearer visible in night traffic, when they are at their most vulnerable. This is why most of the pieces in the collection feature details in retro reflective materials. By day, these details appear to be purely aesthetic – but at night they shine in the headlights of vehicles around them, increasing the visibility of the wearer to drivers and others.

The label is the brainchild of Franco-Dutch designer Julie Thissen, who has combined her love of beautiful bags with city cycling as the ultimate form of transport. Her taste is evident in the materials and production techniques used to create the varied pieces. She strikes the right balance between elegance and practicality to get around by bike in cities as different as Paris and Rotterdam. The label was born when she couldn’t find the right bag to meet her aesthetic and everyday needs…so she decided to make it herself. Thus the first and then second collection of bags arrived, which led to a range of accessories developed under her label The Cyclist.

Julie Thissen’s collections will be on hand for you to discover at the upcoming edition of the Marché des Modes, taking place this 24 au 26 mai 2019 at La Salle Watremez and at Le Vestiaire Maisons de Mode in Roubaix.

Maisons de Mode in the Media

A clip from Des Gens des Hauts with Kamini et Minirine

A few weeks ago, cable channel France 3 announcer Kamini came to Roubaix with a television crew to discover the joys of the city. They stopped by Maisons de Mode where they met designers – including Marine Bigo, the creative force behind Minirine.
France 3 has released a clip of its interview with Marine that you’ll be able to see in its full version Sunday 19 May at 12.55 pm.

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Maisons de Mode Events

Marché des Modes 24-26 may : the programme


Forget the pasta necklace and the traditional bouquet of flowers (even if they are, obviously, among the most treasured gifts for Mum in the world). The next Marché des Modes will take place during Mother’s Day weekend in two landmark places in the city of Roubaix : La Salle Watremez and Le Vestiaire Maisons de Mode.

This supercharged weekend will unfold under the sign of “Party!”

At la Salle Watremez : tens of stands of designers, a huge plant Pop Up shop, yummy nibbles and “home-made” cakes, a mother/daughter photo call and DJ sets to get you grooving!

From the entrance at this former industrial building to the old school greenhouse atmosphere, the mood of “plant Pop Up shop” for indoor vegetation (seen often on Instagram but almost never in person) will be executed by Brume.

Following the theme set by the verdant décor by Bobotóv, Margaux at Home will be serving up delicious nibbles and ‘home-made’ cakes all under an arbour in a relaxed restaurant space.
A photo call will be set up for family selfies to immortalise this day out, with the ambiance and festive flavour added to the event by DJ Afrojaws.

At Le Vestiaire and Maisons de Mode boutiques : yoga, Sunday brunch, organic nibbles and DIY workshops…


Maisons de Mode designers will welcome attendees throughout the weekend to their boutique-ateliers located in Le Vestiaire and on Avenue Jean Lebas near the La Piscine Museum.

At Le Vestiaire, the bar/restaurant Food – La Cantine will offer its traditional Sunday Brunch as well as its “home-made” menu of 100% organic and locally sourced delicious dishes throughout the weekend.

To make the weekend something completely different, the Marché des Modes will serve up new activities. You can kick off the day Sunday a yoga vinyasa class with Julie Cousin (Julyoga) to get you in the right mood. There are also Do-It-Yourself workshops that will be given by Sophie Masson Porcelaine, Atelier Moon and Lenna before you can discover the latest collections from these designers.

Sophie Masson Post

Porcelain DIY Workshop by Sophie Masson : with guidance from the designer herself, you can customise your porcelain object with a phrase or design of your very own. Items offered will be: a mug, a medallion and another porcelain piece for you to choose from. Please note: in order to personalise your object, please email your phrase or design to the following address at least five days before the workshop’s date: The designer will keep the objects at the end of the workshop so that she can enamel them. You will be able to pick your object up some days later at her boutique-atelier in Le Vestiaire…

25 May from 4 pm to 5.30 pm. Fee: €15 Reserve here

Lenna Post

Customise Your Tote DIY by Lenna : just in time for Mother’s Day, learn the basics of embroidery and needlepoint at this workshop, where you can learn how to embroider the ‘boobs’ pattern on a tote bag. At your disposal will be needles, thread and an embroidery frame as Charlotte guides you through creating your masterpiece. Do your stitching, then leave with your personalized creation – a truly original gift for Mum.

25 May at 2 pm and 26 May at 3 pm. Fee: €12 Reserve here

Atelier Moon Post

Brooch DIY Workshop by Atelier Moon : for the Marché des Modes, Charline will be offering a workshop for children to create brooches in the form of flowers. Aided by a parent, each child (age 5 and up) will create two brooches that they’ll take home with them. The ideal occasion for kiddies to create something to offer Mum on her special day.

25 May at 2 pm and 3 pm & 26 May at 3 pm and 4 pm at €15 Reserve here !

Julyoga Post

Yoga Workshop by Julyoga : Julie travels between Paris and Lille where she teaches at Villa Yoga, to the delight of her fervent following in the north of France. She shares this art of living with great enthusiasm and kindness. Please bring your own mat as mats will be available in limited quantity on-site.

26 May from 9.30 to 10.45 am at €10 Reserve here

Practical information

When ?
Event hours:
Friday 24 May from 4 pm to 9 pm
Saturday 25 May from 11 am to 8 pm
Sunday 26 May from 11 am to 7 pm

Free Admission – Parking at La Piscine

Where ?
Salle Watremez – Rue de l’Hospice – Roubaix (300 m from the La Piscine Museum)
Le Vestiaire – 27 Rue de l’Espérance – Roubaix (next to the La Piscine Museum)
And in Maisons de Mode boutiques located on the Avenue Jean Lebas

Maisons de Mode Events

Spotlight 32nd Marché des Modes : Marthe Cresson

Marthe Cresson Marché des Modes mai 2019 Maisons de Mode

The jewellery of Marthe Cresson is conceived as sculptures to be worn.
Her collections are born through her need to transmit her attraction to the materials.
She chooses each material for its formal as well as technical aspect. Through working with each material, Marthe Cresson is able to offer shapes that are streamlined, shifting and entrancing.

The jewellery of Marthe Cresson is mechanical.
The jewellery of Marthe Cresson has simple mechanisms with finely detailed work. They are meant to be worn and examined as an exploration of the material of which they are composed. Each piece merges the two worlds of Marthe Cresson: industrial design and craftsmanship, at constant interplay in her creations.

Marthe Cresson is herself the product of two disciplines: product design and jewellery design. She studied applied arts at Paris’ famed l’Ecole Boulle, product design at the prestigious ESAAT in Roubaix, jewellery design at the renowned jeweler l’Afedap in Paris, and Jewellery and accessories design at Head in Geneva, while spending a year working at the legendary jewellery house Boucheron.

You can discover the full range of her work at the upcoming Marché des Modes taking place in Roubaix 24-26 May (La Salle Watremez and Le Vestiaire Maisons de Mode).

Maisons de Mode Events

Spolight 32nd Marché des Modes : Andrée Sorant

Andrée Sorant Marché des Modes mai 2019 Maisons de Mode

As an homage to her maternal grandmother, the essence of elegance and a Prix de Tango prizewinner, Andrée Sorant was the name chosen by designer Louise Motte for her line of women’s accessories.

A devotee of textiles and their traditions, she has chosen to create limited edition silk scarves in the classic carré – or square – style. This luxurious choice requires Motte to be meticulously demanding down to the finest detail, something that is possible due to the legendary skills of the artisans in the Lyon region responsible for printing and producing her scarves.

Vibrant colours and modern elegance imbue collections whose creativity commemorates the designer’s stylish forebearer, known during her day as “the most elegant woman in Arras.”
Drawing from diverse influences and a wide range of design, art and architecture, each scarf is a world unto itself, displaying unique patterns and allowing the wearer different options to style the scarf into its very own graphic objet.

Through her textile research and revisiting classic accessories, the designer behind Andrée Sorant has also created the Col Claude. A unisex accessory, it is inspired by the twist-style scarf of the 1960s and becomes an alternative to the bowtie and necktie. Available in different fabrics (cotton and silk), it can be worn under a shirt collar or as a dickey under an open-collared blouse for women. All models are reversible, showing a different print on each side. It is also adjustable, thanks to a clip in the back, that allows it to fit different necks. All Andrée Sorant scarves are made in France and sewn in Roubaix (a city famed in France for its textile heritage).

Andrée Sorant was part of Maisons de Mode for four years with a boutique-atelier at Le Vestiaire in Roubaix and has shown her collections to professional buyers within the framework of the Maison & Objet trade fair.

Beyond being just a simple accessory, scarves and collar pieces by Andrée Sorant are both refined and relevant. They challenge traditional elements of both womenswear and menswear to give a modern take on style as well as elevating their symbolic character.

In September 2016, Andrée Sorant launched its first home collection, including wallpaper and rugs. The label has now positioned itself as a graphic design studio offering its “retro-refined” prints for use on various objects and through different media that put its traditional know-how on full display.

The label is also working on a collaboration with Blanche Porte and will make its glorious return to the Marché des Modes this 24-26 May.

Maisons de Mode Events

Spotlight 32nd Marché des Modes : Dizy Design

Dizy Design Marché des Modes mai 2019 Maisons de Mode

Dizy, is a story of the drive to improve how furnishings are bought by combining sustainable development and creativity. It comes after two years of discussions, hundreds of strategic choices and countless prototypes being produced…
After searching throughout France and the rest of Europe for the best partners and artisans, Dizy came into being January 2019.

Today, Dizy comprises four people – Vianney, Augustin, Laure and Théo – who work day in and day out to continue to improve the quality of their products and services.

Dizy has revolutionised the way to buy furnishings: you create your own furniture without tools according to your tastes and wishes…
Choose pieces that bring you joy among the lampshades, bases and other components while mixing colours and materials to put together your unique piece: a desk lamp, a table bowl, a full-length mirror – you can invent your unique piece to furnish your home or office.
Ready to create? We’ll see you at the Marché des Modes 24-26 May in Roubaix (Salle Watremez and Le Vestiaire) where you can discover the brand and its products…