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Spotlight 32nd Marché des Modes : Dizy Design

Dizy Design Marché des Modes mai 2019 Maisons de Mode

Dizy, is a story of the drive to improve how furnishings are bought by combining sustainable development and creativity. It comes after two years of discussions, hundreds of strategic choices and countless prototypes being produced…
After searching throughout France and the rest of Europe for the best partners and artisans, Dizy came into being January 2019.

Today, Dizy comprises four people – Vianney, Augustin, Laure and Théo – who work day in and day out to continue to improve the quality of their products and services.

Dizy has revolutionised the way to buy furnishings: you create your own furniture without tools according to your tastes and wishes…
Choose pieces that bring you joy among the lampshades, bases and other components while mixing colours and materials to put together your unique piece: a desk lamp, a table bowl, a full-length mirror – you can invent your unique piece to furnish your home or office.
Ready to create? We’ll see you at the Marché des Modes 24-26 May in Roubaix (Salle Watremez and Le Vestiaire) where you can discover the brand and its products…

Maisons de Mode helping designers

Oh Suzy represents Maisons de Mode at the United Fashion project in Skopje

As you probably know, Maisons de Mode is part of the United Fashion programme, which aids and spotlights European designers, labels and brands by a guidance structure throughout Europe. This programme includes such partners as the project’s leader MAD Brussels as well as the Baltic Fashion Federation, Fashion Council Germany, Fashion Weekend Skopje, Flanders DC and Moda Lisboa.
Following Berlin in July last year and in January this year and Riga last October, it’s Skopje’s turn to welcome United Fashion through the framework of its Fashion Week-End.And Oh Suzy ! has been chosen to represent Maisons de Mode during this event. Suzy Gyde, the label’s designer, will present her collection for four days to European buyers in a showroom while also meeting with Macedonian clothing manufacturers and participating in craft and creativity workshops.
The weekend will kick off with a fashion show featuring work by United Fashion designers and labels, including: Arthopoda, Cristina Real, Concepto, Chic Utility, Evgenija Zafirovska, Rosica Mrsik, Lila Style House, MLS Marie Laure Stevigny, Red Juliet, Hanfaz Paris, Marko Feher, Mateyaneira, Marija Kulusic, Kokoro, Kotev Ksenija, Toos Franken, One Wolf, Diana Arno, Faulhaber, Tanja Christiani, Andra Handaric, Lommer, MAnnequin, Vesa Gruda, Ece Ozalp, Senem Unal Jewellery, Dragana Mihajlovic and, last but not least, Oh Suzy!
The next step on this European roadshow will be at the 48H Maisons de Mode in Lille this September.

Maisons de Mode Events

Spotlight 32nd Marché des Modes : Historia Natural

Historia Natural Marché des Modes mai 2019 Maisons de Mode

It was a love story that led designer Eva Falkowski to Colombia. Discoveries, chance meetings, ideas and revelations came one after another to create the inspiration for Historia Natural : a sparkling Franco-Colombian hybrid. This label first took root in 2016 in Bogota, in a workshop that made pyjamas.

In a quest for simplicity and sobriety in style, the designer created the first bathing suit, dubbed “Sencillo”: a one-piece that crossed in the back. From there the DNA of the label was formed: simplicity, complexity, a desire for perfection, serious but with a certain allure.

Each piece is meticulously conceived with the body in mind: how it moves, bends and flexes, taking into account the fluctuating nature of being a woman. A journey and exchange between two cultures resonates with every collection, designed and executed between France and Colombia. The body and its form and dynamic nature are the starting point of each bathing suit. Special attention has been paid to link each swimsuit with the story the designer has in mind. Every year, she crosses the Atlantic back and forth, designing prototypes and working with production to turn technical expertise into the sun-soaked energy of the label.

The label has now officially launched its second collection: Les Solaires. The name references the colours inspired by the bouquets of flowers sold by vendors on the streets of Bogota. Les Solaires is also about the woman who combines strength and softness and is never less than fascinating.

Now an established force to be reckoned with in its second collection, Historia Natural combines allure, high performance and comfort in every piece. Each garment is made of material that offers flexibility to the wearer while protecting her from UV rays and resisting the ravages of chlorine.

Conceived for every woman and for all activities. The collection is composed of three one-piece bathing suits, three tops and two shapes of bottoms available in a wide range of colours to mix and match as you please.

Alongside this year’s collection, other collections called ‘Excursus’ have been developed to respond to the needs for optimasation of the fabric and innovation to perfect the garments. These pieces will be available only in limited editions.

You can find Eva Falkowski and her Historia Natural collections during the next Marché des Modes taking place 24-26 May 2019 in Roubaix at La Salle Wattremez and Le Vestiaire.

Maisons de Mode Events

Spotlight 32nd Marché des Modes : Alinfini

Alinfini Marché des Modes mai 2019 Maisons de Mode

Spring is here, so it’s time to start thinking of freshening up your wardrobe. Take advantage of this Marché des Modes, fashion fair to upgrade and update your look. The latest edition will take place 24-26 May in Roubaix at Le Vestiaire as well as in a new location: La Salle Watremez.
With a few weeks to go before the event, we are showing you some of the labels and designers who will be on hand to show their Spring/Summer collections.

Be on the lookout for Alinfini, an accessories line combining eco-friendly, sustainable design with a merging of Western and Moroccan style. Here, the industrial meets quality craftsmanship for a blend that is innovative but steeped in tradition. This modern alchemy transforms an ordinary material – like the seatbelt – into uniquely styled fashion accessories to set your heart on fire.

The label was founded by French designer Sandrine Dole. Based in Marrakech, she has specialised in designing artisan crafted products on the African continent since 1999. Alinfini is not only an expression of her values but also an exploration of her technical expertise as well as a laboratory for experimentation.

The concept is propelled by two overwhelming values: sustainable design and creativity.

The accessories are sturdy, courtesy of the material employed and technical optimization that is economically efficient, with rational and well-regulated production that recycles new waste and used seatbelts. The result is pieces that are machine washable at 40°C (with eco-friendly detergent, of course) and recyclable (if need be) due them being 95% single component.

The products’ designs play endlessly with its material of choice to give it a million and one lives. Through folding and ribbing, braiding and fringing, the strap reveals unsuspected character. The colors shimmer and ripple, the material gleams, and the feel is strong yet comforting. Sublime, serious style that is everchanging and evolving.

Alinfini offers two ranges to serve you different streetwise style: an Haute couture collection with approximately fifty models of bags, belts and cases that are sophisticated, sometimes feminine, sometime unisex – but all made in very limited editions. Then there is a B2B collection of unisex models that are customizable in editions allowing for spotlighting a brand’s image or steps toward sustainable development for sponsors – a range of small accessories and a range of tote bags.

Want to discover the work of Sandrine Dole? Stop by Marché des Modes 24-26 May 2019 in Roubaix at La Salle Watremez (13 Rue de l’Hospice) and at Le Vestiaire (27 Rue de l’Espérance).

Event hours:
Friday 24 May from 4 pm to 9 pm
Saturday 25 May from 11 am to 8 pm
Sunday 26 May from 11 am to 7 pm

Maisons de Mode in the Media

Philippe Perissé, guest on France’s TV5 Monde

Philippe Perissé loves women who are daring, bold, and full of character and natural charisma. Women one can meet one time but never forget, women with a Parisian allure, blending masculine chic and feminine charm, women who carry within themselves a uniqueness, a sophistication and a sense of mischief.
This is not surprising for someone who collects military uniforms, is obsessed with the art nouveau master Mucha, loves 1940s Hollywood films and illustrators, and who studied at Paris’ renowned Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture. Degree in hand, he paid his dues with stints at Jean-Louis Scherrer Haute Couture, followed by work at John Galliano. He then went on to sharpen his eye and skills by working with new designers such as Alain Gossuin and Delphine Murat.
After training in development and management of luxury brands at the illustrious Institut Français de la Mode, he was tapped to serve in managing the collections of Catherine André. Following that, he joined the luxury products division of L’Oréal, developing cosmetics collections for Lancôme and Armani. But design kept calling him back…
Guided by the goal to reveal the confidence, beauty and innate superb nature of woman, he began to conceive and create pieces for his private clientele. He was finally ready to take the plunge: he created his eponymous label. The cuts he constructed – structured shoulders and defined waistlines – have become a trademark of Philippe Perissé. But his imprint bears a claw – the claw of his mascot “Beau.”
A symbol of hedonism that is at once poetic and naughty, Beau also acts as a guardian angel for his clients.
Beau is his label’s emblem, an astonishing chimera that’s a cross between a bull terrier and an eagle. It is something of an alter ego for designer Philippe Perissé – as well as being the label’s first ambassador.
Beau takes as his motto Age Quod Agis – whatever you do, do it well…especially in fun.
Philippe Perissé takes this credo to heart. A true tailor, he brings to life impeccable collections for day and night, as well as unique pieces made on demand.

Maisons de Mode Events

Maisons de Mode au Fashion Weekend de Skopje en Macédoine

Pour mémoire, Maisons de Mode a été choisi comme Label de référence pour représenter la France dans le cadre du programme européen United Fashion initié par la plateforme design et mode Mad Brussels. United Fashion vise à améliorer la culture des créateurs émergents à travers l’Europe afin de les rendre plus compétitifs sur un marché de plus en plus complexe et concurrentiel.

Fin Mars, ce sont les marques Oh Suzy du label Maisons de Mode et Hanfaz Paris, présente sur le Marché des Modes qui ont pu s’envoler en direction de Skopje. Elles ont ainsi pu présenter leurs collections dans un showroom B2B de 29 créateurs, participer à des workshops sur le travail artisanal et la production, rencontrer Lambert et Associés et visiter des usines de confection locales ouvertes aux jeunes créateurs et aux petites quantités.

Prochaine étape : Lille à l’occasion des 48H Maisons de Mode qui prendront cette année les couleurs de l’Europe et du projet United Fashion.

Crédit photos © Ani Dimi

Maisons de Mode in the Media

Dimanche en France sur France 3 est venue rendre visite aux créateurs Maisons de Mode !

Diffusée ce week-end, l’émission Dimanche en France était consacrée à la ville de Roubaix ! Reconnue entre autres pour la richesse de son activité textile, elle s’est intéressée au label Maisons de Mode via un passage au Vestiaire pour rencontrer Magali, une des fondatrices de la marque Not So Far et également à une success-story du dispositif : Le Colonel Moutarde ! Rémi et Clémence ont donc ouvert les portes de leur atelier aux caméras de France 3 !