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Rien que des Bêtises

Justine Durot

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Designer Justine Durot’s dreams of children’s outfits come to life through multi-coloured fairies, delightful sprites and tiny dancers. Her collection is the result of a lifetime of imagination, from as early as her childhood developing her love of singing, dancing and drawing.

Her seamstress grandmother gave her her passion of fashion and gift for creating. So it was natural that she gravitated toward studies as a pattern-maker/fashion designer in Brussels with a specialisation in childrenswear.

Experience working with the house of Christian Lacroix inspired her candy-themed collection which she dubbed ‘Rien que des bêtises’ – or nothing but silliness. Response from this first step convinced her that she was on the right track: creating fashion for children.
Ten years later, after having worked for various childrenswear labels, it was time for her to dive into her own venture and bring to life her dream: Rien que des bêtises …

Her wonderful godchildren Eglantine and Oscar inspired her to create lovely plush animals that they could cuddle with that matched their colourful personalities.

Today, these little imaginary friends are snuggled up in the heart of Durot the artist as well as in the head of Durot the designer. The infants and children that warm her heart are her inspiration: so it’s for them that she gets behind her sewing machine to create.
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La boutique

Rien que des Bêtises

Le Vestiaire 27 rue de l'Espérance, 59100 Roubaix

Ouverture :
Du Mercredi au Samedi de 12h à 19h

Contact :
06 62 99 66 71

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