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Orlane Herbin

Orlane Herbin

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Orlane Herbin started her path to being the respected talent she is today by studying the fine arts, then graduating from famed fashion institution Esmod. She began to build her career through collaborations with other notable designers such as Gaspard Yurkievich and Jean-Paul Knott. She also had the honour of working with the late, legendary choreographer Maurice Béjart on his final production.

In 2002, Herbin launched her line of womenswear. Six years later, she joined Maisons de Mode and opened a lovely boutique-atelier in Roubaix. Here, she created and sold her collections of ready-to-wear and accessories (leather goods) while developing her clientele abroad – most notably in Japan, where her talent has drawn kudos and customers.

After hearing customers complain about not being able to find wedding gowns that fit their tastes, Herbin decided to try her hand at designing some models. They were such a success that she launched her first ‘real’ collection of wedding gowns in Autumn/Winter 2008-2009.

Of her style and inspirations, she says: ‘I take pieces from my own personal wardrobe and use them as the template to transform into wedding gowns. This is how a deep V-neck pullover became the plunging back in one of my most successful gowns. I might find inspiration in the silhouette of a dancer, a woman I might catch sight of one night, a painting. Vaporous, flowing volumes inspire me. Quality materials are of the utmost importance, as well as how a fabric falls and its comfort. Each bride is synonymous with a first meeting, a history – and I hope to always remember this when creating.’ Her gowns are best described in three words: evanescent, original and ethereal.

After four years at Maisons de Mode (the maximum time allowed), she decided to strike out on her own. Today, she has a lovely showroom on the outskirts of Lille where she receives brides-to-be from all over France, as well as from abroad. But she hasn’t forgotten where she came from, acting as a ‘big sister’ to Maisons de Mode newcomers and maintaining a Pop-Up store at Le Vestiaire in Roubaix.
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Orlane Herbin

22 rue des Coulons - Le Septentrion, 59700 Marcq en Baroeul

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