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Andrée Sorant

Louise Motte

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As an homage to her maternal grandmother, a model of elegance and Prix de Tango prizewinner, Louise Motte chose the name Andrée Sorant for her line of women’s accessories.

A lover of the traditions of textiles, Motte decided that she would create limited editions of silk scarves in the classic ‘carré’ – or square – style. This luxurious choice requires Motte to be demanding down to the finest details, something that’s possible only due to the legendary skills of the traditional artisans in the region of Lyon who print and produce her scarves. Vibrant colours and modern elegance make for a collection whose creativity celebrates her style forebearer who, in her day, was known as ‘the most elegant woman in Arras’.

With a variety of influences including design, the arts and architecture, each scarf is a world unto itself, offering unique motifs and allowing various ways of wearing that make it its own graphic objet. Through her research into textiles and her desire to give a new spin on the classics, the designer of Andrée Sorant has also created the Col Claude. This unisex accessory was inspired by the twist scarf style of the Sixties that became an alternative to the bowtie and necktie. Available in cloth as well as leather, the Col Claude can be worn under the shirt collar or as independent neckwear for women.

Beyond being just accessories, Andrée Sorant scarves and neckwear bear a refined yet relevant signature. They challenge traditional ideas about menswear and womenswear while offering a modern take on style and heightening the individual character of the wearer.
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