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Maisons de Mode Designers

Backstage at Monte Carlo Fashion Week

With special thanks to Nicolas Teboul, dispatch photographer for Monte Carlo Fashion Week, for his backstage shots of the event showing the collections of Maisons de Mode designers taking part this past May.

Maisons de Mode Designers

La Monte Carlo Fashion Week … comme si vous y étiez !

En décembre dernier, Maisons de Mode a été désigné chef de projet de l’action Mode – Luxe – Textile initiée par la Direccte Hauts-de-France. Cette opération de promotion de la jeune création des Hauts-de-France s’est traduite par un défilé de 40 passages dans le cadre prestigieux de la 6ème édition de la Monte Carlo Fashion Week. En Opening de cet événement, 7 créateurs Maisons de Mode ont défilé à Monaco : Lucie Brochard, Philippe Perissé, Aux Corps Anonymes, KSRT Studio, Orlane Herbin, Chlore et Sue Réédition !
Retrouvez ici leurs passages sur Fashion Channel ! (le passage d’Orlane Herbin arrivera sous peu).


Maisons de Mode Designers

Daniel Essa discusses his career for France 3

From his youth in Syria and throughout his career, Daniel Essa has had a passion for fashion. Convinced he was destined to follow this path, he started studying fashion design and pattern-making at ESMOD Damascus.
With degree newly in hand, he launched his own TV broadcast where he discussed fashion, trends, lifestyle and grooming.
This three-year adventure led him to launch his Youtube channel “The Parisian Gents” to share his advice and other favourite subjects. Here, he takes on themes he holds dear and that are aimed at men: clothing, travel, and grooming.

Fortified by this experience, he left home to take on Europe, taking in the fashion capitals of Paris, London and Milan.
On this new continent, he studied the shoe market for two years. He saw an opening in the market, which encouraged him to create his own brand for an international audience.
He has realised his dream. Ever searching for new influences, constantly seeking new inspiration, he likes watching the world around him, looking for new ideas and discovering new cultures.

All of this is distilled into his first collection, giving it a unique and singular character.

Maisons de Mode Designers

The return of Ohiri workshops

Ohiri Ateliers DIY Maisons de Mode Jardin de Mode Bijoux

To understand jewellery from certain ancient cultures and to re-interpret them for a modern world through different media (jewellery, accessories, decorative objects): these are the aims of Ohiri.

Starting 8 April, the designer will welcome the public to her studio at 58 Rue du Faubourg des Postes in Lille on Sunday afternoons for DIY workshops. In 45-60 minute sessions, the designer will teach attendees how to create jewellery. Come alone or with friends…and leave with a finished piece …

Each week, go to the event’s Facebook page to discover what piece of jewellery is scheduled for that upcoming Sunday. On April 8 and 15, the designer will teach you how to make a nylon choker.

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Maisons de Mode Designers

Maisons de Mode on the catwalk at Fashion Day


Four Maisons de Mode designers were chosen by organisers for Fashion Day at Lille Grand Palais March 28. These designers presented their new collections in the lead-up to this event that’s part of the Lille Metropolitan Area’s fashion circuit. With more than 2,500 persons viewing each fashion show, labels Aux Corps Anonymes, KSRT Studio, Oh Suzy and Philippe Perissé showed their creations to an enraptured audience.

Maisons de Mode Designers

Philippe Perissé : Fashion from every angle on France 3

This past March, Maisons de Mode designer Philippe Perissé was a guest on the France 3 broadcast 9h50 Le Matin Paris Ile de France.
The designer used the occasion to discuss his career on a panel of other renowned guests, including journalist/novelist Sophie Fontanel.
Philippe Perissé talked about his label and his rise in the context of the theme of Paris, and fashion from every angle.

Maisons de Mode Designers

Ecole de l’E-commerce x Maisons de Mode

Within the framework of setting up diverse partnerships with the regional eco-system starting a year ago, Maisons de Mode signed an agreement with e-commerce school l’Ecole de l’E-commerce de la Fondation Showroomprivé.com. On Monday 12 February, the group of actors on this project came together to lay the first stones on the foundation of this collaboration aiming to give several Maisons de Mode fashion brands more efficient websites.

L’Ecole de l’E-commerce was created by the Fondation Showroomprivé.com within the lncubator Blanchemaille. It has signed on to a partnership with Maisons de Mode’s talent accelerator.

The goal? To give to a second class of learners at the e-commerce school the opportunity to really work with designers, discovering their worlds of aesthetics, their design philosophies, and their products. This is all in service to customising the creation or redesign of each designer’s e-commerce or brand website so that it addresses the particular needs of each young fashion brand.

On Monday 12 February, designers from Colonel Moutarde and Justine Clenquet Jewellery (two success stories straight out of Maisons de Mode) told their own stories of how they triumphed, which largely involved the e-commerce of their business – today representing 2/3 of their sales figures. The teams at Showroomprivé and Maisons de Mode followed up by organising a second meeting between the school’s new promotional arm and nine specially selected designers.

Daniel Essa, Philippe Perissé, Rien que des Bêtises, Rock on the Moon, Oh Suzy, Laila Soares, Sainte Courtisane, Salim Djelloudi and Tricote moi un Tattoo were able to introduce themselves through pitches and meetings centered on their respective projects. The next step will be forming teams – designer-partnerships of learners – for a first joint training session planned for March 27. The subject? SEO.