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Maisons de Mode helping designers

Oh Suzy represents Maisons de Mode at the United Fashion project in Skopje

As you probably know, Maisons de Mode is part of the United Fashion programme, which aids and spotlights European designers, labels and brands by a guidance structure throughout Europe. This programme includes such partners as the project’s leader MAD Brussels as well as the Baltic Fashion Federation, Fashion Council Germany, Fashion Weekend Skopje, Flanders DC and Moda Lisboa.
Following Berlin in July last year and in January this year and Riga last October, it’s Skopje’s turn to welcome United Fashion through the framework of its Fashion Week-End.And Oh Suzy ! has been chosen to represent Maisons de Mode during this event. Suzy Gyde, the label’s designer, will present her collection for four days to European buyers in a showroom while also meeting with Macedonian clothing manufacturers and participating in craft and creativity workshops.
The weekend will kick off with a fashion show featuring work by United Fashion designers and labels, including: Arthopoda, Cristina Real, Concepto, Chic Utility, Evgenija Zafirovska, Rosica Mrsik, Lila Style House, MLS Marie Laure Stevigny, Red Juliet, Hanfaz Paris, Marko Feher, Mateyaneira, Marija Kulusic, Kokoro, Kotev Ksenija, Toos Franken, One Wolf, Diana Arno, Faulhaber, Tanja Christiani, Andra Handaric, Lommer, MAnnequin, Vesa Gruda, Ece Ozalp, Senem Unal Jewellery, Dragana Mihajlovic and, last but not least, Oh Suzy!
The next step on this European roadshow will be at the 48H Maisons de Mode in Lille this September.

Maisons de Mode helping designers

United Fashion revient à Berlin pour le salon Premium et des workshops !

Le projet United Fashion est porté par un cluster d’associations et d’incubateurs mode européens sur et initié par la plateforme design et mode Mad Brussels. United Fashion vise à améliorer la culture des créateurs de mode à travers l’Europe pour qu’ils soient plus orientés business et en stimulant leur compétitivité à l’international, sans pour autant limiter leur créativité.

Au travers d’une série d’événements et de workshops multidisciplinaires, plus de 150 créateurs auront l’opportunité de participer à ce programme en présentant leurs collections sur des salons et showrooms tout en prenant conscience des différents marchés européens, en développant leurs compétences dans les domaines de la Fashion Tech, de l’éco-responsabilité, de la production, de l’artisanat et des business-models.

En janvier 2019, les marques sélectionnées se sont rendues à Berlin pour commercialiser leurs collections sur le salon Premium et assister à différents workshops sur la production et le marché allemand.
Merci encore une fois à United Fashion et au Fashion Council Germany d’avoir accompagné Urban Circus pour Maisons de Mode, Naz Fashion, Giuseppe Virgone, Dioralop, Cesar Casier, Inch 2, Conni Kaminski, Oscar The Collection, Gonçalo Peixoto et One Wolf !

Maisons de Mode helping designers

Berlin Fashion Week : 2ème édition pour le projet United Fashion

Après avoir permis à deux créateurs de Maisons de Mode (Philippe Perissé et Daniel Essa) de partir sur le salon Premium à Berlin, le projet United Fashion revient sur le salon allemand pour une deuxième présentation de collections des créateurs européens de sept pays (huit structures font partie du projet).

En attendant cette nouvelle étape du projet, nous vous proposons de retrouver en vidéos les événements marquants de l’édition de juillet.

Maisons de Mode helping designers

Maisons de Mode at Riga Fashion Week

Thanks to the support of the United Fashion project, Maisons de Mode made a splash at Riga Fashion Week in Latvia where Gamme Blanche showed its collection. The two videos above from this three-day event give a peek into this country’s world of fashion, helping us learn a little more about how they do it…and do it well. Discover the country through fashion in these lush images…

Maisons de Mode helping designers

Join Maisons de Mode now by entering the competition for Maisons de Mode 2019 Grand Prize ! Win €25,000 to launch your business

Who will follow U-Exist, winners of the 2018 Maisons de Mode Grand Prize who now have a boutique-atelier in Roubaix?

Maisons de Mode continues to support makers of fragrances, jewellery, accessories, footwear, leather goods, menswear, womenswear and childrenswear through the 2019 edition of its Grand Prize Competition. The most promising candidate will win €25,000 to expand their business and grow their collections.

Being a designer is about more than just creating collections. It’s also about building and running a business. Thus, it is wise to arm yourself with every tool available. Maisons de Mode allows each designer desiring to join the project by locating their operations in Lille or Roubaix to progress in building their business by allowing them to take advantage of an unprecedented range of services offered in France.

For the 2019 edition, a pre-selection questionnaire streamlines the application process. If the application makes it past the first round, the next round involves the applicant focusing on the important points that constitute the economic standards and the business of fashion.

Download the Maisons de Mode 2019 Grand Prize pre-selection application here!

Application submission dates:

15 December 2018
15 February 2019
15 April 2019
15 June 2019





Don’t wait until the last submission date to turn in your application, as spaces allotted for each session for applicants to appear before the selection committee are limited.

Apply now also for the opportunity to meet industry professionals during the selection process who can advise you on making the most of your brand and your business. Download the application here !

Maisons de Mode helping designers

48H Maisons de Mode award winners

During the ‘grand public’ fashion show starting at 6.30 pm on Friday, September 14, the Coup de Coeur prizes in the audience favorite category of clothing and accessories were awarded to two designers who received the most votes leading up to the event.

At the industry fashion show that took place at 8.30 pm, honorary president Isaac Sellam bestowed his “prix d’honneur” award. Industry professionals were also present from Tranoï, la Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin, BOCI, Who’s Next, Première Classe, Printemps Lille, JB Agency, Playologie, and the Jean Luc François association. These various entities awarded their own Coup de Coeur – or Love at First sight – prizes to the designer of their choice. These prizes represent vital opportunities for the designers: offers of stands at trade fairs, sales corners at major retailers, business guidance and coaching, and more. Maisons de Mode also awarded its €25,000 Maisons de Mode Grand Prize.

These are the 2018 award winners:

U-Exist won the Maisons de Mode Grand Prize of €25,000 to support the label in its development, the Tranoï prize (a stand for designer at the trade fair, on- and offline communications centering on the label, and B2B coaching for six months), the special Who’s Next – Première Classe prize (a special innovation stand), the JB Agency prize (label guidance and coaching).

KSRT Studio received the “prix d’honneur” prize, awarded by Isaac Sellam (coaching and consultations).

Oh Suzy received the Coup de Coeur audience favourite prize in the apparel category as well as the award from the Jean Luc François association (guidance in production and special rates for production)

Ohiri was awarded the BOCI prize (a one-year membership in the union allowing the label to benefit from the services of the federation).

Daniel Essa took home the Première Classe prize (a free stand at the trade fair) and honours from JB Agency (guidance and coaching for the label).

Lucie Brochard took home the Première Classe prize (a free stand at the trade fair) and honours from JB Agency (guidance and coaching for the label).

Philippe Perissé won the Printemps de Lille prize (participation in a fashion show staged by Printemps, the major French department store chain).

Not So Far will receive guidance from the Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin (label guidance and coaching during four annual consultations).)

Gamme Blanche won the public’s Coup de Coeur prize for best accessories.

Chlore was the winner of the Playologie prize (a one-year membership to the B2B online sales platform and guidance using this tool).