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33rd Marché des Modes in the spotlight : Maison Geneviève


Maison Geneviève takes inspiration from the current political and social climate in creating clothing that possesses a military spirit.

This menswear/unisex line of offbeat urban sportswear uses both raw and recycled materials, such as end of stock fabrics as well as old military and work uniforms – combining them with more ‘desirable’ materials such as leather and wool. The apparel puts an accent on effects such as crumpling and the irregular look achieved by dying by hand. Completing the look are the bulky metal fasteners often used in military apparel around the world.

The cut is often roomy, adjustable by hems and runners, with exaggerated effects and unexpected silhouettes that seem counterintuitive.

A line of leather accessories complements the looks in pouches with adjustable straps as well as bags in a wide range of sizes with metallic clasps and deconstructed finishing that play with the codes of leather goods and apparel.

Both garments and bags are crafted by artisans in Paris.

François Laurendeau trained as a costumer at Esmod Paris, where he received a degree in fashion design and pattern-making in 2018. While studying, he launched the label  Maison Geneviève in 2014 which, from its start, offered both accessories and apparel, then produced in limited editions in Paris.

He calls these new looks and accessories he creates ‘hardwear’ that he wishes to bear witness to lives lived, to histories experienced, and to a demand for a certain idea of quality: each garment’s comfort and ease of wear are achieved by the solid materials used, so that you can live life rough and tumble without fearing rips or damage to your ensemble…

Collections by Maison Geneviève will be on hand at the next Marché des Modes taking place December 6, 7 and 8 at ENSAIT and Le Vestiaire and in boutiques and the Avenue Jean Lebas in Roubaix.

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