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33rd Marché des Modes in the spotlight : Decimals


This team searched forever…and finally found its inspiration in one word: Decimals, France’s first tennis club.
And in that moment were born a label, a style, and a state of mind made for athletic people who don’t take themselves too seriously. At least, not always.

The challenge for Decimals has been in creating unique designs inspired by the golden age of tennis but that relevant today, employing perfect cuts that blend comfort, technical expertise and relaxed style.
The label caters to both those active and less active in athletic pursuits, all desiring that casual allure before and after (or instead of) working out.
Decimals champions a return to the essence of tennis, to elegance on the court and elsewhere, to cheekiness, to daring, to flash. Bad characters welcome!

Sport and style to be discovered at the next Marché des Modes taking place December 6-8 at Le Vestiaire and ENSAIT in Roubaix.

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