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‘Bobette’ means ‘knickers’ in Quebecois.
The choice of name for this label is a wink from Pauline Guyau and Julia Jais to Montréal. These two devotees of women’s underwear lived there for some years and began their friendship under the Canadian snow.

At the end of their studies – Guyau studied arts and Jais studied management – they decided to launch a project together: lingerie that would be French and artistic.

From the start, La Bobette has been conceived around a concept blending art and fashion: knickers as works of art. The collection of cotton undies became the basis for artists to come and apply their work – which has evolved into patronage of a sort. 12% of the price of manufacturing a piece is paid directly to the artist.

Thus, undergarments become a new way to promote new artistic talents.

The commitment of the duo doesn’t stop there: fighting the fashion trend which ignores quality in favour of quick turnarounds, the women have chosen to produce their collections in France – where they can ensure their high standards are met.

La Bobette brings a more human dimension through its concept of collaborating with artists and a return to quality materials.

It was in 2015 that the duo behind La Bobette began their journey, which led them to be welcomed by Maisons de Mode in 2017.

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