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Maisons de Mode designers meet buyers in Paris


Maisons de Mode designers have set up meetings with professional buyers at Paris trade fairs showrooms to start this morning…and go on into the night. A baptism of fire for some, with successes and learning experiences to be gained, this weekend will see buyers from everything from specialty boutiques to major department stores descend on Paris. The attraction: different trade fairs where they hope to spot the next hot fashion designer.

At the fairs below, you’ll find Maisons de Mode designers :
– at Who’s Next / Première Classe : d r ô n ePochette Square and Aurélie Chadaine
– at Bijorhca : Anaozi, Gisèl B. and Justine Clenquet
– at Maison & Objet : Andrée Sorant and Constance L.

Those wishing to see their work are free to attend the upcoming fashion show at the 48H Maisons de Mode on 18 September at 7 pm. Reservations at

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