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Ouverture des réservations pour les ateliers DIY des 48H Maisons de Mode


Réveillez le créateur ou la créatrice qui sommeille en vous dans des ateliers DIY imaginés par les stylistes Maisons de Mode et quelques invités à l’occasion des 48H Maisons de Mode ! Ne perdez pas une minute pour réserver votre place, les ateliers accueillent un nombre de participants limité.

– Le Fleuriste (atelier végétal)

– Laurence M (sérigraphie)

– Dagoma (impression 3D)

– L’Atelier Kumo (décoration murale)

– House of Vice (bracelets en cuir ou loup en cuir-fourrure)

– Gisel B (bijoux)

– Sainte Courtisane (pochette)

– Caroline Pluijgers-Wundertüte (ateliers enfants)

Tous les ateliers sont accessibles à la réservation en cliquant ici.

Maisons de Mode Events

Belgian celebrity Megan ne comprend pas at Glam Run

megan ne comprend pas glam run maisons de mode 2016

A real comedic phenomenon in her native Belgium and beyond, Megan Ne Comprend Pas (Megan doesn’t understand) has brought laughs to her legion of followers on Youtube and Facebook by posing all sorts of existential questions…from her position as an everywoman of her generation.

Social media superstar Megan has graciously accepted our invitation to co-present this year’s Glam Run.

If you want to cheer on the high-heeled runners and experience Megan’s one-of-a-kind wit and wisdom live, come on down to the Parvis de la Gare Saint Sauveur in Lille on 18 September. The fun starts at 3.30 pm.

And if you want to take part in the race, click here !

They wear Maisons de Mode !

Kylie Jenner rocks Justine Clenquet’s tattoo chocker

Kylie Jenner Maisons de Mode Justine Clenquet Chocker

This photo has already garnered more than a million likes on Instagram for the youngest star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians – and its various spinoffs. Rocking a new hair colour, Kylie Jenner is also sporting a Justine Clenquet creation.
It’s a long way from the jewellery designer’s studio in Roubaix to the neck of the Californian teen reality phenomenon – who has her own cosmetics line and dabbles in modelling. But Justine’s choker made the journey to Jenner…proving itself irresistible.

Maisons de Mode Designers

Akene by Fiona Fondadouze rejoins Maisons de Mode


It’s the start of a new adventure. Fiona Fondadouze is a visionary in wanting to bring new, amazing functions to apparel – such as blending the domains of dance, art and technology in her creations. Her entire collection originates from a complete yet varied philosophy that results in pieces that are the definition of extraordinary. This is Akene.

Fondadouze describes her challenge as ‘to innovate and fascinate with every new collection.’ The winner of this year’s Paris Dauphine Award for her concept of design, she has created a label whose identity is characterised by its very graphic lines, various ties and each pattern and motif created exclusively by Fondadouze.

The sportswear and streetwear that inspire Akene the label reflect an art of living, a freedom and an energy in sync with the new generation. The desire to break established codes and shatter boundaries: this is what pushes the designer and is the modus operandi for Akene.

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Maisons de Mode Events

Contest : 48H Maisons de Mode on you !


#48hdanslapeau (or 48H on the skin): This could win you two VIP tickets for the 48H Maisons de Mode fashion show, tattoos by Bernard Forever or a €100 gift certificate!

On the occasion of the 48H Maisons de Mode, Maisons de Mode and Bernard Forever have launched a contest to last the rest of the summer.
Taking part is easy: from 18 July to 14 September, wear this tattoo on your skin, snap a pic of you on holiday (or not), become a follower of @maisonsdemode and @bernardforever, then post your pic using the hashtag #48hdanslapeau.

You can find these temp tattoos at our partners Le Printemps in Lille (Espace Printemps Services, 3rd floor), the Gonay hair salon in Lille, and at the Gare Saint Sauveur train station (welcome desk).

Maisons de Mode Designers

Inorganic Jewels in Roubaix this september




Recently, a jury of fashion industry professionals responsible for the selection process of the 2016 Maisons de Mode Grand Prize chose Inorganic Jewels to join Maisons de Mode this September by opening a boutique at 81 avenue Jean Lebas in Roubaix.

The force behind the jewellery brand is Pascal Perun. Trained as a set designer, he studied at the famed Paris 3 University in the theatre department, and at ESAT / Atelier Hourdé in the set design department. He marked his departure from studies with high profile gigs such as designing the window displays at Le Printemps’ landmark location on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris and working with om of the top agencies in his field in Paris. In 2009, he was a winner of the competition for innovation in exterior design with his project ‘À l’ombre d’une jeune fille en fleur’ (‘In the shadow of a young girl blossoming’) at the Jardins Jardin salon in the Tuileries.

Perun is part of a generation that has started his career after the first wave of digital culture, and has found a way to integrate new technology into his personal creative process. Through his experiences in various intersecting domains, he has acquired serious skills in 3D modeling, and is intrigued by various processes of computer-aided production, most notably the innovative possibilities of 3D printing. At the beginning of this year, he began to have the idea of creating his first collection using 3D printing. Public reaction to the results were positive, leading to him forming the Inorganic project.
A work plan was set up, starting with a physical model and sketches to lead to digital modelling. Perun thinks of the form of an object and approaches it as a sculptor. To illustrate his process, he uses the concepts of sculpting and digital craftsmanship. He works the proportions on an object with the precision of an industrial designer.
Inorganic Atelier is a collaborative and experimental platform whose inspirations and references are linked to the worlds of fashion, design, architecture and modern art. Inorganic Atelier is a search for a new aesthetic and for the trends of tomorrow.
Inorganic Jewels is dedicated to the idea of conceiving, producing and and distributing made-to-order modern, artistic jewellery. The brand is synonymous with original design, using cutting-edge industrial processes with experimental craftsmanship techniques to create extraordinary jewellery that is abstract and elegant.

The ‘Softline’ collection is a line that is the essence of minimalism and sophistication. This rendering of style, simple geometrics and rounded accents endow the collection with finesse and elegance, speaking to the brand’s artistic, couture aesthetic. The jewellery is produced using once-lost wax mold techniques by way of 3D printing technology. The finishings are in solid silver an brass plate.
The ‘Primitive’ collection is a line of jewellery sets that are graphic, ethnic and futuristic. The jewellery is directly printed on with nylon using 3D technology – then finished by hand. Printed nylon is a material with stunning properties, soft to the touch, light to wear, supple – but also indestructible.
Inorganic Jewels are created in studio-boutique in Roubaix, courtesy of a network of suppliers and collaborators meticulously chosen. Made in France.