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Yan Hong

  • Yannic Hong (Yan Hong) - Maisons de Mode
  • Yannic Hong (Yan Hong) - Maisons de Mode

Yannic Hong is an experimental label, based on the concept of eco-responsibility and launched in 2014. Its designer Yan Hong uses science to give body and soul to a project that blends research, art, and the spirit of traditional textiles. He aims to demonstrate the impact of science in the world of art – especially in fashion. He has adopted the latest processes in producing his collections – for example, a new method of naturally dying of fabric – to create garments that are environmentally-friendly.

Hong takes great care in the fine details of the cut of his pieces, which are streamlined, minimalist and modern. Nothing is left to chance in his collections, which are conceived as equations: textile innovation figures into how he conceives each piece. Resolutely oriented toward the future – in both style and spirit – the label is mindful for the battle against the waste of materials: the collection is designed to be unisex and, thus, reduces the consumption of textiles.

The label’s customers are very much in the image of the designer: curious, concerned about the world’s future, and ready to explore the universe in a quest for answers and solutions to better everyday life. They are involved in the world of tomorrow and care about the planet that they will leave to generations to come. Consistently in concert with ethics and sustainability, Hong produces garments on demand and allows the customer to access all of the label’s collections: a way of staking out his own identity and singularity, in direct opposition to fast fashion.

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Yannic Hong

58-60 rue du Faubourg des Postes, 59000 Lille

Ouverture : Créateur en incubation au Jardin de Mode 58-60 rue du Faubourg des Postes à Lille.


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