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Elsa Manunta

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Manunta is the granddaughter of a designer/patternmaker and the daughter of a designer of womenswear boutiques. So she grew up around sewing machines. She watched her grandmother create garments – from the initial ironing of the fabric attached with pins to the finished piece. The granddaughter of Armenian immigrants to France, she learned from a young age the values of hard work and humility.

She left the seriousness of this apprenticeship when she was seized by her passion for the audio-visual arts. She would end up working in marketing and communications at the record label Yellow Production. It was here that she discovered her love of dance, which would blossom into her discovering her creative side. In 2013, she returned to fashion, contributing to the advertising campaign of Kookai and helping hone its visual identity. This would lead to her meeting artistic director Stefani Martini, which set off a series of collaborations and activities that resulted with her coming back into the fashion fold completely.

Convinced that everything happens for a reason, Manunta began to look into herself to create a project that would blend fashion, dance and her personal values. At the crossroads of several worlds, at the heart of her passions, Uma Oath came into being this year.

A collection employing minimalist design that uses materials popular in sportswear, Uma Oath speaks in the codes of urban womenswear while leaving the wearer with complete freedom of movement.

Comfort and resistance for an Activist in these modern times. Bare like a welcoming land, each of her steps is timeless, drenched with instinct and sensuality. An established identity. An Art of Being.


Uma Oath

58-60 rue du Faubourg des Postes, 59000 Lille

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