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Helena Thulin

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Helena Thulin

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  • Helena-Thulin-Maisons-de-Mode-Aster-Chinensis-Spectrum
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H E L E N A T H U L I N is a brand named after its creator Helena, alumni of Studio Berçot in Paris. Of Franco-Swedish origin, the dual nationality of the designer was the start of her creativity. Having discovered Sweden very late, imagining the country through history and landscapes told by his father were the first steps in a process of imagining Nature. After her fashion design diploma in Paris, she worked in Knitwear at Chloé and Sonia Rykiel then for Simone Rocha in London where she rediscovered the techniques of mounting pearls – practices that her mother had taught her during childhood – before s ‘establish under its own name.

Helena has a very organic approach to the material and the brand aims to offer a modern and poetic botanical study of the jewel. The flowers, their richness and their fragility inspire Helena to propose an innovative and delicate design of the jewel using the techniques of assembling pearls, reminiscences of hobbies practiced during childhood. The brand aims to reintroduce the bead-mounting techniques and the know-how behind the manufacturing process to a wider audience and to turn what is commonly perceived as a simple and unsophisticated technique into a more noble and precious process.

The inspiration for the collections always starts with two things: a precise color palette and a story to which they will be linked: a journey, a place or the reference to an artist. Helena finds her colorimetric influences in Art, from the Impressionist movement to Pop-Art but also in Haute-Couture from Balenciaga to Dior characterized by minimalist shapes and breathtaking colors that the designer tends to transcribe in her collections. The final imagined pieces are intended to be as original and realistic as possible; all jewelry is made from a meticulous combination of high quality crystals and glass beads carefully selected and assembled in the brand’s studios in Paris.

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