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Gregory Capel

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Grégory Capel

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  • Gregory-Capel-Maisons-de-Mode-Besace-André-Andrée

The French brand Gregory Capel creates leather goods essentials, upscale and unisex. Its founder, Grégory, has always been sensitive to the artistic world of performing arts, visual arts and fashion. After studying interior architecture and global design, he worked in various fields of activity such as ready-to-wear or interior renovation. It is the meeting of a seamstress and a shoemaker who pushes him one day to go beyond his contemplative curiosity, to explore the material that is leather … Without any training or knowledge in sewing, he embarked on production of the Marcel backpack. Marcelle, bought a professional sewing machine and the story began!

Often drawn to women’s items when making his own purchases, he has regularly observed that many brands distinguish between women’s and men’s collections. With this in mind and wishing that the genre is not a criterion in his creations, Gregory Capel born in 2019.

In an eco-responsible and ethical approach, the eponymous brand offers a collection of refined creations, personified by mixed first names of the same sounding. Minimalist and modern in style, each of its pieces will adapt to everyone’s daily life, in a workear and bohemian spirit.

Grégory is at the heart of his brand’s creative process. From design to manufacturing, he gives his creations a particular interest in details, functionality and the graphic elegance of volumes. Coming from French or European tanneries, each leather skin is chosen for its uniqueness; in fact, the aesthetics of their brands, their scratches and their tasks are positive and inspiring aspects for him! Brown tones, colored nuances, multiple textures … Welcome to the universe of its Première collection where each piece has its own character, its history and plays with genre codes!

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