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Pascaline Rey

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De Maarse is a completely new jewellery brand that takes a refined, streamlined approach to its design, for a symbol of a free woman who loves wearing jewellery as a sign of her interior richness.

Created by a plastic artist who is obsessed with fashion, design, architecture and modern art, De Maarse finds its inspiration in the minimal, timeless aesthetic of Bauhaus. Each jewel is conceived as a piece of sculpture: the artist makes her prototypes herself that she works over and over until she finds the right harmony between the lines and materials employed.

De Maarse is the fruit of a long period of gestation. Following years working in business as a human resources director, Pascaline Rey decided ten years ago to devote herself completely to sculpture, a discipline that she has worked in in all its forms since she was a child.

It was through the framework of her committed artistic projects on the theme of the identity of woman that the artist began to create one-of-a-kind pieces in jewellery. Alongside her sculpture, she created limited editions of pieces inspired by the Seventies for herself and friends. She refurbished enamels on copper pieces she created in her workshop. Infused with fashion and design, Pascaline Rey decided to continue on this road by launching a line of jewellery and accessories at the end of 2017, giving it the name De Maarse.

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