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Belén Collection

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Anabel Najar, born in Lille, is a new artist on the stage of contemporary art and decoration. She created the Belén Collection brand which she defines as a house of contemporary curiosities. Her know-how is defined by the naturalization of butterflies and other insects that she puts in stage in glass bells creating the illusion that they will fly forever.

A new life is then offered to these delicate and fragile creatures, now become eternal. Each piece is handmade, enigmatic and singular. The artist focuses on the ethical aspect by working only with farmed insects and ensure that the chosen species are neither protected nor Endangered. She diversifies her creations with different objects of decoration for the interior such as frames or glass boxes.

Self-taught and perfectionist with a deep understanding of elegance at French and design, the artist has developed a new technique using natural butterflies staged with objects from major brands. Her vision is to give a new dimension and a new emotion to luxury items.

Each of his works intended for art galleries is the perfect combination, a timeless piece reinvented through a creative perspective.