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Marhinou Tchaou

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Passionate about design, art and crafts since her younger years, Marhinou completed an artistic curriculum. She first developed a drawing practice, followed by sculptures and installations to end up choosing precious metals as her medium. As opposed to traditional jewelry which hides the craftmen behind perfectly finished and polished jewels, Atelier armoure plays with contrasts. The precious material is shown rough, imperfect, oxydised, brushed on jewels of which the fabrication seems to have been interrupted. 

This duality is the result of a plastic research enhanced by every tool’s traces and inviting to contemplate the creative process of jewelry making. Atelier Armoure offers objects of art you’ll keep all your life. Statement jewelry made by hand in a traditional way in the founder’s atelier and to which she give protective interests. 

 Atelier Armoure’s jewels make sense and convey emotions. 

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Atelier Armoure

58-60 rue du Faubourg des Postes, 59000 Lille

Ouverture : Créatrice en contrat junior


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