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Arthur Lenglin - Tim Defleur

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The Hauts-de-France. This is THE raison d’être of Aequo. An associative publishing house that its creators wanted to be fully anchored in its territory. It puts the spotlight on local creators, companies and know-how.

At the origin of the project: Arthur, Benjamin and Tim. Originally from here, they met at ISD, the design school of Valenciennes. From their human vision of design, their shared passion and their desire to showcase the artistic power of our region was born Aequo in February 2018.

Reference to the Latin ex-aequo, the brand aims at the equity of the actors who bring the project to life. From the craftsman who tends to enhance his manual know-how, to the writer who embellishes their words while passing by the worker in blue overalls who sets the machine to machine their parts.

Through a collection of sustainable and ethical furniture, they want to show that it is possible to locally produce a current and quality design that resonates with its history and the way it is designed and lived. Thought around cultural heritage, embellished with the material that surrounds everyone and built by local creators and businesses: a result that gives a poetic, lively and invigorating collection!

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