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Maisons de Mode helping designers

United Fashion : destination Antwerp and the Flanders DC programme

The latest step in the United Fashion project included a stop in Antwerp to find out more about the programme prepared by Flanders DC : four days focused on the topic of Fashion Tech.

In attendance were designers supported by various United Fashion members, who were able to take part in Fashion Talks, to attend the Belgian Fashion Awards, and to visit Creative Ville.

These motivating events allowed everyone to explore more deeply Fashion Tech and eco-responsibility.

However, before the above took place, Flanders DC had organised a Pitch Battle where each designer had three minutes to pitch their project and how it would be innovative to a committee of industry professionals.

This challenging exercise had the following entrepreneurs stepping up to the plate: Angela Ciobanu, APA-Intemporal, AR Smart Dress, Avail, AwaytoMars, Bioracer, Braille, by-wire, Correcty, Cosh !, DyeCoo, Flora Miranda, Lukso, Macty, Olga Noronha, Phygital Africa Lab, Radius Tech Fashion Services, Retviews, See Through, Shavatar, Solve, w.r.yuma…and, representing France : Uma Oath and Urban Circus.

Maisons de Mode Events

Le défilé des 48H Maisons de Mode est en ligne !

A Lille, depuis 10 ans, un festival des jeunes marques créateurs est organisé par le label Maisons de Mode qui soutient une trentaine de marques-créateurs dans le nord de la France.
Cette année, l’événement qui ne connaît pas d’équivalent en Europe a réuni plus de 15.000 personnes ! Retrouvez ici l’intégralité du défilé suivi de la remise des prix professionnels !
A l’issue du défilé institutionnel de 20h30, Isaac Sellam, président d’honneur, a remis son prix d’honneur. Les professionnels étaient également au rendez-vous : Tranoï, la Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin, la BOCI, Who’s Next, Première Classe, le Printemps Lille, JB Agency, Playologie, association Jean Luc François ont décerné leurs prix Coup de Coeur aux créateurs de leur choix. Ces prix représentent de réelles opportunités pour les créateurs : stand offert sur les salons, corners de vente, accompagnement et coaching … Maisons de Mode a remis également les 25.000 € du Grand Prix Maisons de Mode.

Maisons de Mode Events

2018 48H Maisons de Mode fashion show : (re)discover it – designer by designer

Maisons de Mode Designers

The philosophy of Uma Oath

As the creative force behind Uma Oath, the 2016 Maisons de Mode Grand Prize-winning designer Elsa Manunta reveals her concept and philosophy guiding the label in this video.

The granddaughter of a patternmaker/designer and the daughter of designer of boutiques selling ready-to-wear, Elsa Manunta grew up around sewing machines. She bore witness to the hands of her grandmother ironing and re-ironing fabrics under the sewing needle, in a studio teeming with bolts of fabric. The granddaughter of Armenian immigrants to France, she was also taught the values of hard work and humility.

She left behind the seriousness of this apprenticeship to study audio-visual arts, her passion. She began her career in communications and marketing at the record label Yellow Production. It was during this period that she discovered dance and the sense of fulfillment it brought her.
She returned to the field of fashion in 2013, helping to lead advertising campaigns and the visual identity for French womenswear brand Kookai. A pivotal meeting with artistic director Stefani Martini would be the catalyst for her plunging back into fashion with a renewed sense of purpose.
‘Can we create a more humane form of fashion?’
Convinced that nothing happens by accident, Manunta took an introspective approach to creativity, teaching herself how to marry fashion, dance and her personal values.
At the crossroads of various worlds, at the heart of her passions, it was in 2016 that Uma Oath was born.
A collection minimalist in design and interpreted through fabrics that until now were reserved for sportswear, Uma Oath adopts the codes of urban womenswear while giving freedom and ease of movement.
It’s comfort and resistance for the Activist of modern times.
Stripped down to the essential, it’s in timelessness that is written, with instinct and sensuality, each step that she takes.
An established identity. An Art of Being.

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Maisons de Mode Designers

48H Maisons de Mode 2017 prize winners

Every year, several fashion industry professionals convene at 48H Maisons de Mode to award prizes to promising, up-and-coming designers. What’s more, the general public gets in on the act by reserving spots to see the public fashion show, which gives them a vote in the choosing the fan favorite designer.

Here are the winners of the 2017 edition, who represent 10 award-winning labels:

Cube Showroom chose Demeure allowing the label space in its Parisian showroom.

Playologie awarded Sainte Courtisane its prize, which includes a year’s subscription to the online B2B service Playologie.

Industry trade fairs Who’s Next and Première Classe selected Philippe Perissé and La Bobette and offered the labels each a stand at Who’s Next and Première Classe in 2017.

The womenswear organisation Fédération du Prêt à Porter Féminin ended up choosing Tricote Moi un Tattoo to offer support and guidance through its business services.

La BOCI crowned Gamme Blanche its choice to receive one year of guidance and support.

Jb Agence – an agency for economic development in creative industries is generously betting on two Maisons de Mode talents – Minirine and Gamme Blanche.

Le Printemps honored Uma Oath during part of the fashion show designated for Privilège clients.

Barbara Bui chose to award Aux Corps Anonymes for the quality of the label’s work.

Maisons de Mode’s Grand Prize of €25,000 was awarded to KSRT Studio.

And the public at large chose Justine Clenquet and KSRT Studio as their favourites, giving each of them a €2,000 cheque.

Maisons de Mode Designers

New visuals from the latest Maisons de Mode campaign

Visuels Maisons de Mode x Manon Leloup x Villa Cavrois Uma Oath Justine Clenquet Ensemble

A landmark in the Hauts-de-France region, the Villa Cavrois graciously opened its doors for Maisons de Mode’s 2017 Spring/Summer shoot, which features looks from Uma Oath and Justine Clenquet.
Maisons de Mode would like to especially thank model Manon Leloup, who was in a happy coincidence born in nearby Croix. Shout-outs also go out to photographer Lalo Gonzales, artistic director Philippe Bisiaux, stylist Anne Rabeux, hairstylist Philippe Gonay, and make-up artist Lila Guéant.

Maisons de Mode Designers

Enter now to compete for this year’s Maisons de Mode Grand Prize


Who will succeed Uma Oath, the 2016 Grand Prizewinner who joined the Maisons de Mode incubator/accelerator programme in Lille ?

Fragrance, jewelry, accessories, sneakers, leather goods, ready-to-wear (woman, man, children), Maisons de Mode will be offering a new Grand Prize to the best new recruit to the programme. This award will include €25,000 to be used to expand their business and to produce their collections.

It’s a fact of life that being a designer is more than just creating collections. It’s also about building a business. So it’s important to stack the deck in your favour. Maisons de Mode allows every designer joining its programme to set down stakes in Lille or Roubaix where they can further develop the their business’ structure while taking advantage of a plethora of services offered, unlike any other programme in France.

For the 2017 edition of the competition, a multiple-choice questionnaire is provided to be filled in by the candidates. The questionnaire’s aim is to help designers better clarify points about their business that are important to the economic and logistical requirements of building and maintaining a fashion company.


Download the Maisons de Mode application in french / in english !

Application session dates:

-> 1 March 2017

-> 1 April 2017

-> 1 May 2017


Please don’t wait until the last session to present your application. Only a limited number of candidates will be seen on each date.

Don’t wait another minute: applying means you’ll be able to meet industry professionals during the selection sessions, who’ll be ready to advise you on how to grow your business. Download the application here !

Uma Oath


Manunta is the granddaughter of a designer/patternmaker and the daughter of a designer of womenswear boutiques. So she grew up around sewing machines. She watched her grandmother create garments – from the initial ironing of the fabric attached with pins to the finished piece. The granddaughter of Armenian immigrants to France, she learned from a young age the values of hard work and humility.

She left the seriousness of this apprenticeship when she was seized by her passion for the audio-visual arts. She would end up working in marketing and communications at the record label Yellow Production. It was here that she discovered her love of dance, which would blossom into her discovering her creative side.
In 2013, she returned to fashion, contributing to the advertising campaign of Kookai and helping hone its visual identity. This would lead to her meeting artistic director Stefani Martini, which set off a series of collaborations and activities that resulted with her coming back into the fashion fold completely.

Convinced that everything happens for a reason, Manunta began to look into herself to create a project that would blend fashion, dance and her personal values.
At the crossroads of several worlds, at the heart of her passions, Uma Oath came into being this year.

A collection employing minimalist design that uses materials popular in sportswear, Uma Oath speaks in the codes of urban womenswear while leaving the wearer with complete freedom of movement.

Comfort and resistance for an Activist in these modern times.

Bare like a welcoming land, each of her steps is timeless, drenched with instinct and sensuality.

An established identity. An Art of Being.

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