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29th Marché des Modes spotlight on : Hanjo

hanjo marché des modes maisons de mode décembre 2016

Under the Hanjo label, Karine Joncquel designs shirts for those with a lust for life.

For men with a little more verve, these garments blend ease of movement with killer style.

It’s for these men that Joncquel chooses gorgeous fabrics like Egyptian cotton and renders them in meticulously cut pieces that are the essence of comfort and chic.
Joncquel first had a career in the culinary arts, and she likes to compare fashion and cooking: choosing great ingredients, then serving them up with savoir-faire and the right dash of creativity.

The shirts come in sizes M to 3XL and are priced €69-€89.
If you have yet to have the pleasure of discovering the label or its designer, you can stop by the Pop Up Shop in Le Vestiaire from Wednesday to Saturday in Roubaix or even meet Joncquel at the upcoming Marché des Modes this 2-4 December.

Maisons de Mode Pop-Up Shop

29th Marché des Modes spotlight : Escape For Adventures

escape for adventures maisons de mode marché des modes décembre 2016

Escape for Adventures is above all about the passion for travelling, which is what inspires adventure-lovers Justine and Antoine in everything they do.

They’ve launched a brand for kindred spirits who want to show and share their love of road trips and explorations of the four corners of the world. Trail-blazing Escape for Adventures benefits the French economy while being a #sustainable venture that gives its customers unique #experiences. Conceived through different product lines (apparel, accessories, home décor), Escape for Adventures is infused with the spirit and lifestyle of the backpacker.
Escape for Adventures is fleeing the routine of the nine-to-five. The best memories come from the craziest ideas.

On your mark, get set, Escape!

Escape for Adventures will be at the upcoming Marché des Modes 2-4 December in Roubaix. But you can also get a taste of what it’s all about at the Pop Up Shop in Le Vestiaire, 27 Rue de l’Espérance, Roubaix from Wednesday to Saturday from noon to 7 pm until the end of January.

Maisons de Mode helping designers

Launch into fall with a Maisons de Mode pop-up shop

Pop Up Maisons de Mode Inscription 2016

We recently launched the sign-up for the Braderie des Créateurs and the end-of-year Maisons de Mode events. Maisons de Mode is offering designers more than just the opportunity to take part in our weekend events. You also have a chance to be part of a Pop-Up Shop at Le Vestiaire in Roubaix. A Pop-Up Shop is the perfect way to introduce your creations and aesthetic for a minimum of three months at Le Vestiaire, while meeting your clientele and refining your commercial skills and product with while taking advantage of Maisons de Mode’s experience and expertise.

Taking part in a Pop-Up Shop means you’re automatically chosen to be part of the Braderie des Créateurs sale this September and December’s Marché des Modes. Are you up to the challenge? Don’t wait another minute: fill in the Pop Up Sign-Up form  !

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Maisons de Mode Pop-Up Shop

Fashion without frontiers : Dressing du Monde’s pop-up shop

dressing du monde-marché-des-mode-pop-up-maisons-de-mode

A business school graduate, Elise Touchon went abroad during her studies to develop her technical know-how.
Obsessed by fashion, she gained valuable experience in the field, working from San Francisco to Dublin. She set down stakes for some time in Australia where she has worked as the marketing manager for multi-label fashion. There, she refined and expanded her talents in sales. When the designers down under discovered that Touchon was French, they began to ask her about what possibilities there were for them to sell their creations in France.

After much research, Touchon came up with an idea to answer their needs: the concept of Dressing du Monde. This e-commerce platform would specialise in selling young, emerging labels throughout the world. Touchon followed up by suggesting setting up shop on French soil through making Dressing du Monde available through pop-up shops and events.

The first pop-up shop was launched in December 2015 at Le Vestiaire through Maisons de Mode. This success encouraged Touchon to branch out, working on a projected pop-up shop to open in the heart of Paris June this year.

Get your taste of this unique concept from Wednesday to Saturday at Le Vestiaire, 27 Rue de l’Espérance, Roubaix.

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Maisons de Mode Events

Applications for the May 2016 Marché des Modes now being accepted

bandeau inscription marché des modes maisons de mode mai 2016

This past December, during the most recent edition of the Marché des Modes (the largest fashion fair north of Paris), Maisons de Mode welcomed over 100 of the most talented clothing, accessory and jewellery designers of the moment to two landmark locations in Roubaix: the ENSAIT building and Le Vestiaire, located a few metres from the world-renowned Musée La Piscine museum.

The Winter edition was a stellar success, mesmerizing the public drawn to the event to witness the dazzling creativity and originality of the designers selling their goods.

The Spring edition of the next Marché des Modes will take place 27-29 May 2016.

Click her for the application form.

If you would like to apply to take part, please send in your completed application by 20 March 2016. Don’t delay: spaces are limited…

Due the enthusiastic response from designers at Marché des Modes, Maisons de Mode will also be offering a few select designers space in the Pop Up shop at Le Vestiaire at 27 Rue de l’Espérance, Roubaix.

The Pop-Up Shop offers a retail space for designers to unveil their fashion philosophy to customers for a minimum of three months at Le Vestiaire. It also serves as a proving ground and a chance to benefit from Maisons de Mode’s cachet and tips for a bargain price of €100-200 (taxes not included) for a stated time frame.

Entrants in the Pop-Up Shop are automatically selected to be part of the upcoming Marché des Modes. Are you up to the challenge? Be quick and click here to fill out the application.

Maisons de Mode Pop-Up Shop

Sophie Masson brings her ceramic creations to Le Vestiaire

pop up maisons de mode sophie masson

Trained at Paris’ famed Studio Berçot, designer Sophie Masson perfected her skills at various trend offices following her studies. At the same time, she decided to develop her skills by learning how to become a porcelain designer.
She mastered her talents in Limoges and exploited her art professionally for business and private customers. Soon, her creativity attracted renown from both the media and the industry.
With the press adulation for her work, she decided to branch out into custom-made pieces for customers, exclusive collections for boutiques and projects for special events.
For her, it’s all about working with the materials, combining forms and creating something new.
Recenty, Masson has designed a porcelain collection in which every piece is unique.

Discover her work Wednesday to Saturday at her Pop-Up Shop in Roubaix’s Le Vestiaire…

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Maisons de Mode Pop-Up Shop

Your own Pop-Up shop for € 100 a month


Maisons de Mode is offering talented designers and creators the opportunity to set up their own Pop-Up at Le Vestiaire to develop their client list and offer their collections. Why not take the leap and take advantage of the excellent location at Le Vestiaire, adjacent to the internationally renowned Musée La Piscine museum? You can also meet with Maisons de Mode who will offer their advice while you grow your project in a supportive setting.

At a monthly rent of €100 (taxes not included), this deal lasts until 30 April 2016. This is also an opportunity to be chosen to participate in the next Marché des Modes, a short cut from the normal selection process. A space is waiting for you, so email us at

Participation in our Pop-Up Shop scheme requires that the designer be on-site at their shop Wednesday to Saturday from noon to 7 pm.

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Maisons de Mode Pop-Up Shop

Well-being at Le Vestiaire

pop up maisons de mode millescence

In 2005, Sandrine discovered aromatherapy and quickly fell in love with oils with thousands of beneficial uses. She then hit a rough patch financially, and the idea to create aromatherapy jewellery was born.

Obsessed by both alternative medicine and creative crafts, Sandrine merged her two passions in Millescence. Her goal? That every woman glows with well-being.

Millescence promotes overall, everyday well-being through its line of products made in France, combining aesthetics with the benefits of alternative medicine.

Millescence products are now sold at more than 10 locations in France with more than 300 clients who have been enchanted by the line. A stellar success from the first months of its pre-launch, the company’s goal is to take its development to the national level in France in 2016.

Until the end of December, Maisons de Mode will have the honour of welcoming this 100% Made in France project to our fold, introducing essential oils to the world of fashion.

These jewels become a source of well-being and lead the wearer to serenity and inner peace through the benefits of organic essential oils. With anti-stress properties, Millescence jewels discreetly emit citrus fragrances all throughout the day.

You can find Millescence at Le Vestiaire, 27 Rue de l’Espérance in Roubaix until the end of December.

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