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Pochette Square


Launched in 2011 in Lille by Sébastien Descamps, Pochette Square is a concept of quality accessories at affordable prices for the 21st century gentleman.

Pocket squares, neckties, bowties and fabric boutonnières bearing close to 500 references comprise a line that is today sold at various boutiques throughout France.

Made with the greatest of care in France and Italy from 100% natural fabrics, the creations of Pochette Square each carry a funny name that corresponds to an inspiration for each design, some of which translate into English as: the paintings of Edward Hopper, the eyes of Paul Newman, the illustrations of Toulouse-Lautrec, the cocktails of Don Draper, the replicas of Audiard, a battle of umbrellas, the design of the Sixties, the swagger of John Wayne, the laugh of Jack Nicholson, the moustaches of Jean Rochefort, the stage gear of the Kinks, the snark of Bill Murray, the automobiles of Jay Gatsby, the crooners of Las Vegas…and the list goes on and on…