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Enter now to compete for this year’s Maisons de Mode Grand Prize


Who will succeed Uma Oath, the 2016 Grand Prizewinner who joined the Maisons de Mode incubator/accelerator programme in Lille ?

Fragrance, jewelry, accessories, sneakers, leather goods, ready-to-wear (woman, man, children), Maisons de Mode will be offering a new Grand Prize to the best new recruit to the programme. This award will include €25,000 to be used to expand their business and to produce their collections.

It’s a fact of life that being a designer is more than just creating collections. It’s also about building a business. So it’s important to stack the deck in your favour. Maisons de Mode allows every designer joining its programme to set down stakes in Lille or Roubaix where they can further develop the their business’ structure while taking advantage of a plethora of services offered, unlike any other programme in France.

For the 2017 edition of the competition, a multiple-choice questionnaire is provided to be filled in by the candidates. The questionnaire’s aim is to help designers better clarify points about their business that are important to the economic and logistical requirements of building and maintaining a fashion company.


Download the Maisons de Mode application in french / in english !

Application session dates:

-> 1 March 2017

-> 1 April 2017

-> 1 May 2017


Please don’t wait until the last session to present your application. Only a limited number of candidates will be seen on each date.

Don’t wait another minute: applying means you’ll be able to meet industry professionals during the selection sessions, who’ll be ready to advise you on how to grow your business. Download the application here !


Ohiri Maisons de Mode Akébéhi Kpolo

Of west Ivoirian descent, the phenomenon of Ohiri has now matured after taking its time to ripen.

A line of jewellery for men and women, Ohiri is inspired by the Akan culture.

The Akan people comprise one of the largest ethnic groups in West Africa. They are found notably in Ghana and Ivory Coast. According to Akan beliefs, gold is the earthly representation of the divine. The precious metal also occupies a central place in the organisation of their society. Jewellery, for example, is one of the most important elements to the Akans. Whether in solid gold or gold-plate, these people like to adorn themselves in decorative forms that echo their moral values and precepts for living.

Fascinated by this symbolism, Akébéhi Kpolo decided in August 2011 to re-imagine the codes of Akan jewellery, transforming it into something that was street, contemporary and stylish. She joined forces with Clément and Hervé, two jewel craftsmen based in Ivory Coast. The result is Ohiri, a jewellery line that is avant garde while maintaining its authentic roots. Each collection allows the young designer to translate something dear to her heart from her cultural heritage into something unique yet accessible.

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