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Un excellent cru pour le dernier Marché des Modes avec plus de 17.500 visiteurs !

Le dernier Marché des Modes qui s’est tenu début décembre dans le cadre de la Nuit des Arts a réuni 110 marques-créateurs venues de toute la France à Roubaix. Cette édition fut un succès avec 17 500 visiteurs au rendez-vous et un chiffre d’affaires éloquent pour l’ensemble des exposants. Nous remercions l’ensemble des partenaires qui ont contribué, une fois encore, à la montée en puissance de cet événement qui reste – à ce jour – la plus importante manifestation grand public (B2C) dédiée aux marques – émergentes du secteur mode et lifestyle en France.

A noter : le prochain Marché des Modes aura lieu les 24, 25 et 26 mai 2019 au Vestiaire et dans un tout nouveau lieu : la Salle Watremez située à quelques mètres de l’avenue Jean Lebas.



Maisons de Mode Events

From 30 november to 2 december, Marché des Modes comes to Roubaix

Marché des Modes Roubaix Maisons de Mode décembre 2018

100 designers: clothes, fashion, accessories, jewellery, and lifestyle items are on the menu in Roubaix for a weekend that’s 100% fashion!
Friday 30 November from 4 pm to 9 pm (night of fun)
Saturday 1 December from 11 am to 11 pm (night of fun/Nuit des Arts art night)
Sunday 2 December from 11 am to 7 pm
Free entrance
ENSAIT, Avenue Jean Lebas (across from the Musée La Piscine)
Le Vestiaire, 27 Rue de l’Espérance (next to the Musée La Piscine) and in Maisons de Mode boutiques on the Avenue Jean Lebas.

Maisons de Mode Events

Spotlight 31st Marché des Modes : Gisel B.


A former resident of Maisons de Mode in Roubaix who departed in 2016, Gisel B. has now set up shop in Aubenas in the south of France. She returns to Roubaix for this special visit at the newest edition of Marché des Modes this 30 November to 2 December to see her current customers and to introduce her style to the uninitiated in attendance.

Inspired by minerals, vegetation and the world of Scandinavia, Gisel B. offers streamlined, delicate and stylish jewellery that pays no heed to trends. The brand’s designer Clémence Masson builds her collections as selections of timeless pieces, both iconic and feminine. Each piece is created with the idea that a Gisel B. jewel can be worn by every woman, day and night, with a little black dress at cocktails as well on the streets in jeans and trainers. Fine jewellery that’s easy to wear. The Gisel B. woman is both wise and wild, demure and daring, take-charge and chill. In the image of the modern woman, she’s a bit feminist, passionate about life and feels fashion and artistic creativity.

Gisèle is the name of Masson’s grandmother. Originally from the north of France, this former professional seamstress was Masson’s introduction to creativity as a child. Masson learned the basics of sewing on an old Singer sewing machine as a little girl. She recalls afternoons spent with her brother creating embroidery, during which young Masson made outfits for her dolls. Thanks to Grandma Gisèle, Masson grew to love working with her hands and with materials. It was with granny that she discovered the treasures to be found in trunks in the attic: Calais lace, wood buttons and sumptuous fabrics that would influence her work as a jeweller.

Maisons de Mode Events

Spotlight 31st Marché des Modes : Les Roussoeurs


Produced entirely in France and in limited editions, the work of Les Roussoeurs is for the liberated woman who is a lover of gorgeous materials.

Every season, Les Roussoeurs offers a range of apparel and accessories that add the right dash of flash to your look. Their earrings, purses, hair clips, necklaces, bracelets and rings are created in hypo-allergenic brass accented by semi-precious stones and Liberty and Wax fabrics.

In their womenswear range, the symbol of the bow is present in many of the pieces created by Les Roussoeurs, and as a guide throughout their collections. In clothing, their subtle cuts are structured to flatter the feminine form in styles that are original and serious.

Passionate about fashion since their youth, the designers graduated from Paris’ prestigious Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture, and made their debut at some of the biggest names in fashion: Lefranc-Ferrant, Dice Kayek, Velvetine in Paris at Alexander Mc Queen in London.

Discover Les Roussoeurs during the Marché des Modes organised by Maisons de Mode taking place next week from 30 November to 2 December at ENSAIT, Le Vestiaire and in Maisons de Mode boutiques along Avenue Jean Lebas in Roubaix.

Maisons de Mode Events

Spotlight 31st Marché des Modes : La Clique


Armed with 10 years experience of working in the world of menswear, Bastien has now realized his dream of launching his own label.
With the aid of expert counsel and serious help from his mates, La Clique was born.
Obsessed with accessories such as the baseball cap, Bastien naturally chose this iconic item as the centre-piece of his first collection.
La Clique offers limited edition, high-end caps made in France. The label blends unexpected, luxurious fabrics in totally modern headgear.
The materials employed are sourced from around the world, meeting Bastien’s high standards for quality.
The production is 100% French and in limited editions that correspond with the label’s values of creating in highly skilled studios where workers’ rights are respected.
Bastien’s standards of environmentally sound, ecologically conscious production are also achieved through La Clique.
His first collection is inspired by the world of tailoring with fabrics in houndstooth, pinstripes and Prince of Wales checks.
This collection combines the energy of streetwear with Savile Row posh.
In July 2018, La Clique joined Maisons de Mode through the Jeunes Pousses (green shoots) programme. So it was a no-brainer that Bastien would present his wares at the upcoming Marché des Modes, taking place in Roubaix from 30 November to 2 December.

Maisons de Mode Events

Spotlight 31st Marché des Modes : Doriane Van Overeem


She’s young, driven and determined to change the lightning quick pace of the fashion industry…

Doriane van Overeem is a Belgian designer, a graduate of Brussels’ famed La Cambre fashion academy, and a veteran of the design studios of Manish Arora, Bernhard Willhelm, Meadham Kirchhoff and Louise Gray.

For van Overeem, it’s not enough just to make pretty clothes. What she creates must challenge society, its insatiable consumerism, and its treatment of women.

Van Overeem supports sustainable fashion through her bi-annual collections conceived and created completely in Belgium. The values, the technical expertise and the impeccable finishing details of her label are a stance against mass consumption. She also aims to to raise public awareness to the inequalities in the work force creating clothes. Her collections are created around the contradictions of being a woman: her muse is daring and charismatic, but isn’t afraid to show her emotions while embracing her vulnerability and learning from it.

With her nonconformist, iconoclastic attitude evidenced in timeless garments that blend sumptuous materials with exquisite comfort, Doriane Van Overeem is a label where irreverence meets elegance.

Discover Doriane van Overeem 30 November to 2 December in Roubaix at the next edition of Marché des Modes !

Maisons de Mode Events

Spotlight 31st Marché des Modes : Unfold


Established in 2014, Unfold views jewellery from another perspective: that of Ngan Tran, a fabric designer who fell in love with metal work when she found herself in front of a piece of jewellery possessing a simplicity that belied its underlying complexity. It was then that she decided to make jewellery her mode of self-expression.
Trained in one of the best jewellery-making schools in France, she manipulates and transforms materials to create pieces as if she were creating patterns in fabric.
Blending an experimental approach with artisanal technical expertise, she conceives and creates pieces by hand and in limited editions. Under her brand Unfold, she creates jewellery to be worn every day by the sensitive but self-assured woman.
Want to discover more of Unfold? Maisons de Mode invites you to check it out along with more than 100 designers at its upcoming Marché des Modes weekend taking place 30 November to 2 December.

Maisons de Mode Events

Spotlight 31st Marché des Modes : Céleste


Céleste Paris was born of a passionate desire for freedom and a dream to create a world of sweetness and light.

Charlotte & Chloé have always loved the bodysuit because it provides both streamlined style and warmth. But they were tired of subpar cuts and synthetic materials. They longed for a touch of elegance that would elevate the garment, but what they saw was lacking.

One of the duo is a veteran of the international market through Vente Privée, while the other refined her skills at Maison Kitsuné. Thus armed, they are more than up to the challenge of making the bodysuit practical, comfortable and stylish.

After months and months of trial and error, they have finally triumphed in creating a new generation of bodysuit, the undergarment that will simplify a woman’s daily life.

Their dream is to make the Céleste Paris an indispensable part of a woman’s wardrobe. Thanks to their work, with Céleste you’ll feel freer and more beautiful than ever.

Discover the label’s full range at the upcoming Marché des Modes which takes place 30 November to 2 December in Roubaix (at ENSAIT, Le Vestiaire and boutiques along Avenue Jean Lebas).