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Dans les coulisses de la Monte Carlo Fashion Week …

Merci à Nicolas Teboul, photographe dépêché sur la Monte-Carlo Fashion Week, pour ses clichés backstage de l’événement, illustrant les collections des créateurs Maisons de Mode en mai dernier.

Maisons de Mode Designers

La Monte Carlo Fashion Week … comme si vous y étiez !

En décembre dernier, Maisons de Mode a été désigné chef de projet de l’action Mode – Luxe – Textile initiée par la Direccte Hauts-de-France. Cette opération de promotion de la jeune création des Hauts-de-France s’est traduite par un défilé de 40 passages dans le cadre prestigieux de la 6ème édition de la Monte Carlo Fashion Week. En Opening de cet événement, 7 créateurs Maisons de Mode ont défilé à Monaco : Lucie Brochard, Philippe Perissé, Aux Corps Anonymes, KSRT Studio, Orlane Herbin, Chlore et Sue Réédition !
Retrouvez ici leurs passages sur Fashion Channel ! (le passage d’Orlane Herbin arrivera sous peu).


Maisons de Mode in the Media

North Touch invited to Monaco 16-20 May


Last December, Maisons de Mode was chosen as project leader of the Mode – Luxe – Textile (fashion/luxury/textile) initiative launched by Direccte Hauts-de-France. One of the results of this young designer promotion project from the Hauts-de-France region will be a fashion show with 40 different looks displayed at the 6th edition of the prestigious Monte Carlo Fashion Week this May.
Seven Maisons de Mode designers will strut their stuff in Monaco : Lucie Brochard, Philippe Perissé, Aux Corps Anonymes, KSRT Studio, Orlane Herbin, Chlore and Sue Réédition !

Find out more here on the blog Monaco Madame !

Maisons de Mode Designers

Enter now to compete for this year’s Maisons de Mode Grand Prize


Who will succeed Uma Oath, the 2016 Grand Prizewinner who joined the Maisons de Mode incubator/accelerator programme in Lille ?

Fragrance, jewelry, accessories, sneakers, leather goods, ready-to-wear (woman, man, children), Maisons de Mode will be offering a new Grand Prize to the best new recruit to the programme. This award will include €25,000 to be used to expand their business and to produce their collections.

It’s a fact of life that being a designer is more than just creating collections. It’s also about building a business. So it’s important to stack the deck in your favour. Maisons de Mode allows every designer joining its programme to set down stakes in Lille or Roubaix where they can further develop the their business’ structure while taking advantage of a plethora of services offered, unlike any other programme in France.

For the 2017 edition of the competition, a multiple-choice questionnaire is provided to be filled in by the candidates. The questionnaire’s aim is to help designers better clarify points about their business that are important to the economic and logistical requirements of building and maintaining a fashion company.


Download the Maisons de Mode application in french / in english !

Application session dates:

-> 1 March 2017

-> 1 April 2017

-> 1 May 2017


Please don’t wait until the last session to present your application. Only a limited number of candidates will be seen on each date.

Don’t wait another minute: applying means you’ll be able to meet industry professionals during the selection sessions, who’ll be ready to advise you on how to grow your business. Download the application here !

Maisons de Mode Designers

Maisons de Mode at Fashion Kode in Seoul

Fashion Kode Seoul Maisons de Mode

To promote its incubator – accelerator program and its designers, Maisons de Mode will be on the next edition of Fashion Kode tradeshow from 28th to 30th March in Seoul.

Three brands of the french label will also be there : Demeure, Lucie Brochard and Edie Grim who will meet asian buyers and concept stores.

Discover Maisons de Mode program by clicking here in french, in chinese, in korean and in english.

Maisons de Mode Designers

Lucie Brochard au Fashion Kode à Séoul !

Invitée sur le salon Fashion Kode à Séoul en Corée, Lucie Brochard a pu présenter ses collections à un public averti d’acheteurs professionnels en octobre dernier.
Cette présentation a permis à la créatrice d’amorcer des contacts sur place et d’y rencontrer boutiques et bureaux d’achats susceptibles de la soutenir dans sa distribution. Retrouvez dans cette vidéo l’intégralité de son passage défilé.