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Maisons de Mode designer Constance L’s jewellery on broadcast Midi en France on France 3

As stunning as anything created by a Parisian jewellery house, the work of Constance L. belies her youth: the jewellery designer is but a mere 27 years old. In just a few short years, her jewellery shop has become a mecca in Lille for bling lovers like Charlotte, a devotee who never misses a new collection. This young designer launched her business at an age when others are starting university. But her savvy has been equaled by her taste and talent, as she created jewellery from her own designs: truly self-taught. Discover her journey on the show Midi en France on France 3, which shot in the north of France this week – Dunkerque, to be exact…

Constance L.

Constance L Maisons de Mode

A recent architecture school graduate, Constance Lepage decided to follow a different path by launching a jewellery collection, a longheld passion. With support from her nearest and dearest, she created her first pieces, inspired by world travels but adapted for a Western sensibility. Each piece has been painstakingly handcrafted by the designer, with special care given to the quality and fine details.

Chains of brass, natural feathers, stones and colourful fabric are blended and contrasted according to the designer’s caprice. At the tender age of 23, Constance has already become a favourite of French fashion editors and earned an impressive following. Next up: she plans to parlay the power of her young brand into a second line featuring precious metals.