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The search and support for young fashion brands

Maisons de Mode guides and supports emerging fashion brands (ready-to-wear, jewellery, leather goods, footwear, accessories, etc) as well as lifestyle brands (ceramics, lighting, design…) targeting two different profiles:

Established Brands

Maisons de Mode welcomes talented designers be they from the Hauts-de-France region or from elsewhere, be they veterans of several seasons or have yet to produce their first, but all wishing to develop their brand professionally for the long haul, through services offered by Maisons de Mode. They can either join with hopes of having their own boutique-studio or as an affiliate.

Brands in the making

Maisons de Mode also recruits designers wishing to produce their first collection. In the Jardin de Mode location, designers have access to Maisons de Mode studios (to serve as their office) and an internal patternmaking studio. They also are in close proximity to the Maisons de Mode staff, who are available to provide services tailored to each designer..


The selection process


These designers, whether they come from the Hauts-de-France region, other areas in France or from abroad, all share the desire to join Maisons de Mode. To do so, they must present their application to a selection committee consisting of fashion industry professionals.

This application is made available throughout the year and allows designers to familiarise themselves with the team and to measure the progress of their brand with regards to production, distribution, financing, communications and more…

To apply, download here.The application can be sent by e-mail or by post.

Every year, a prize of €25,000 euros is awarded by Maisons de Mode to a junior or senior designer judged the most promising at the project’s jewel in the crown event: 48H Maisons de Mode.



Maisons de Mode contracts

The contract that suits you

While presenting themselves to the selection committee, each designer understands that Maisons de Mode offers three different contracts, of which one will correspond to the applying designer’s needs, according to the selection committee. This judgment takes into account where the designer in terms of development.

This contract stipulates the reciprocal requirements of both the designer and Maisons de Mode necessary for their collaboration to be as fruitful as possible.

The Junior Contract

This is for designers starting their brand (with no points of sale): they can benefit from the studio within the Jardin de Mode location to develop their brand strategy while having access to the various services provided by Maisons de Mode and its team.

This contract requires the designer to reside in the Hauts-de-France region, where they must also register their business headquarters and locate their business

The Senior Contract

This is for designers more advanced in the development of their brand but who wish to gain visibility and market position through having a boutique in Lille or in Roubaix, where they can meet the general public and gain customers all while having access to the guidance and services provided by Maisons de Mode.

This contract requires the designer to reside in the Hauts-de-France region, where they must also register their business headquarters and locate their business to have a boutique.

The Affiliate Contract

This is for designers wanting support and advice, with a wide range of services tailored to their needs allowing their brands to evolve in their development. Affiliated designers cannot compete for the Maisons de Mode Grand Prize.

This contract is offered to selected designers not residing in the Hauts-de-France region. Nevertheless, they must register their headquarters in this region.


Services Available at Maisons de Mode

Maisons de Mode has developed several services aimed at promoting development of young fashion brands.



For a minimum of every two months, designers must meet with Maisons de Mode’s guidance team to update the team on the development of their business and brand. The aim of these meetings is to help put into a place a real strategy for advancing each brand and measuring their progress within Maisons de Mode. Here, the designers can address challenges confronting their business and seek guidance from experienced experts.
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Maisons de Mode offers its designers, as well as designers outside the project, training and coaching on different aspects of the fashion industry from experts in their specific fields. In both group and individual sessions, designers learn how to position their brand, taking into account advice regarding exporting, legal & tax matters, seeking financial backers, business prospecting, sales techniques and more.

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Prototype Studio

Thanks to a team of three on-site patternmakers, Maisons de Mode designers benefit from invaluable assistance in making patterns, pattern grading and montage for ten models per season at a reduced rate that evolves season to season (free to Junior and Senior designers their first season).
Also open to designers outside Maisons de Mode.
To learn more about how the studio works, contact us


Professional Trade Fair Support

Eager to aid their designers in developing their business, Maisons de Mode provides financial assistance for designers to take part in professional fashion trade fairs depending on the relevance of the trade fair to the designer’s work and their status within Maisons de Mode.
Designers can thus take part in Who’s Next, Première Classe, Maison & Objet and other international trade fairs at reduced rates. Want to launch your B2B business?Contact us



Designers under the Senior Contract have access to a boutique-studio in either Lille or Roubaix. As the actual headquarters for each brand, the boutique-studio allows the designer to meet and build their clientele, giving customers a chance to see the collections up close. MEL is the landlord of these spaces, offering rent on a sliding scale for the boutiques (the first six months being free). Designers with a Junior Contract have access to a studio at the Jardin de Mode location to develop their collections.



With the help of Maisons de Mode communications services, designers can work on their strategy for communications, social media and public relations (press kits and press releases).

They can also create and/or refine their brand identity (philosophy, target market, etc.)
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With the steady support of Maisons de Mode’s team knowledgeable about financial matters, each designer can build their business plan with goals toward obtaining interest-free loans and other bank loans. Maisons de Mode works with financial organisations (ILMN, ILMS, etc) to create applications that will be submitted to a selection committee that will help them in meeting this challenge.
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B2C Events

Maisons de Mode organizes events targeted at the general public to allow designers to make themselves known and to sell their collections.
At each of these events (Marché des Modes, 48H Maisons de Mode, Nomad Market), designers are able to take advantage of special rates and opportunities. Designers outside Maisons de Mode can also apply to take part.
If you want to know more about these evets, click here!


Networks and Partnerships

Maisons de Mode has at its disposal a wide network. It has also created several partnerships with actors in both the public and private sectors to give birth to an emerging “designer movement” in the Hauts-de-France region.
For example, certain Maisons de Mode designers have built business relationships with companies through our networks and partnerships, such as through online sales, retail events, department store corners, exhibitions, fashion shows, and by creating exclusive models .



Maisons de Mode continues to develop and maintain relationships with textile producers and manufacturers. Maisons de Mode also builds relationships between designers and the industry to produce small runs and to work together creating exclusive pieces for events such as Monte Carlo Fashion Week in 2018. These collaborations allow them to show off their skills to the industry, which builds the designers’ professional reputations. Want to find out more about suppliers? Contact us


Photo Studio

Maisons de Mode makes available to designers a photo studio, located in the Jardin de Mode, where designers can produce their photographic promotional material.
Maisons de Mode also has links with a network of photographers and studios allowing designers access to discounted rates to produce their lookbooks and visual campaigns.
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Maisons de Mode and ShowroomPrivé’s e-commerce school formed a partnership in 2017 aimed at helping designers achieve through e-commerce. After submitting their design briefs, designers can collaborate with professionals to build their future e-commerce websites. This experience allows them to familiarize themselves with CMS WordPress with experts while benefitting from their technical expertise.