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Videos highlights : 48H Maisons de Mode x United Fashion





Forty designers from both Maisons de Mode and the United Fashion European project took part in various activities during this past 48H Maisons de Mode: industry panel discussions and conferences focused on distribution, a B2B showroom with international buyers, networking events, the first-ever Lille Fashion Night, fashion shows, an awards ceremony, the Braderie des Créateurs sale, and more. 48H Maisons de Mode featured truly a programme tailor-made for buyers and the general public to discover emerging brands and labels while allowing designers to learn about different sides of the business from conception to collection to final sale.

Maisons de Mode Events

Daniel Essa takes home 2019 Maisons de Mode Grand Prize

Bannière Daniel Essa Grand Prix Maisons de Mode

It was almost two years ago to the day that Daniel Essa was before a selection committee hoping to join Maisons de Mode. He didn’t yet have a proper collection, not even a prototype – just a few leather swatches and some sketches of what would become his debut collection.
Even at this embryonic stage, looking back, every detail had been conceived meticulously: strategy, brand identity, business plan, sourcing, production and more. The committee was impressed and convinced as much by his concept as by the unmistakable focus and drive of the designer. Essa joined Maisons de Mode and made huge strides in mere months. International trade fairs such as Tranoï or Première Classeopened their doors to him and his story attracted media buzz in France and internationally. With day-to-day support from the Maisons de Mode team, Essa took on various roles – design, communications, and the business side – before expanding to recruit his team.
Today, Daniel Essa sneakers are sold in high-end boutiques, department stores and concept stores around the world: Madison, Printemps Haussmann, Opium, Hejalo, Bloomingdale’s, Ounass, Harvey Nichols, Série Noire, Voila St Bart, La Clean Factory, B-Kane, Sea and Wander, Level Shoes, Boheme Chic, Initio, Enzo di Guilia, Faye and in his own studio-boutique in Roubaix.
His e-shop created with ShowroomPrivé’s e-commerce school has shown constant growth in sales.
During the 48H Maisons de Mode this September, he took part as a speaker during panel discussions on B2B distribution and attracted buyers in the B2B showroom the Comité d’Organisation de Lille Capitale Mondiale du Design 2020. And at the 48H Maisons de Mode industry professional fashion show, he was awarded the 2019 Maisons de Mode following deliberations from a jury of professionals.
The Daniel Essa phenomenon is unstoppable…

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Maisons de Mode in the Media

U-Exist featured on Magazine de la Santé on France 5

Cable channel France 5’s Le Magazine de la Santé sur France 5 recently did a segment on fashion for the disabled where, of course U-Exist was featured.

« Play with your difference »​
That’s the philosophy behind U-Exist, an activist orthopedic design studio that’s unique in the world. As motif and pattern designers, the brand offers customisation and personalisation services for orthopedic equipment to allow the user to express their individual personality and style.

Facilitating access to design in orthopedic equipment is what drives the team. A true bridge between the patient and the orthotist, they contribute to the concept and printing of the design, working with the orthotist in the application of the design on the equipment. Before that, they work with the patient in seeking how to best express the patient’s personality. A true collaboration, they play with differences.

More than just an orthopedic design studio, U-Exist is a new way of looking at disability, an actor in the development of defending the rights of every person using a device to re-invent themselves, expressing their individuality, their creativity and their feelings.

Surrounded by cold and impersonal equipment, Simon Colin, graduate in orthopedics was driven to bring aesthetic flavor to the world of disability through customisation of prosthetics, orthotics and corsets.

This is how U-Exist came into being, laying the foundations for how to exist through one’s device.
Soon joined by stylist and artistic director Amandine Labbé, the U-Exist experience began to take shape and set out to revolutionise through fashion how disability is seen.

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Maisons de Mode helping designers

Prizewinners from 48H Maisons de Mode 2019

During the general admission fashion show at 6 pm on Friday 13 September at Lille’s Hôtel de Ville town hall, the Coup de Coeur audience favourite award was given to designers in two different categories: apparel and accessories. The winners were the two designers who received the greatest number of votes in the lead-up to the event.

At the industry professional fashion show that took place 9 pm, honorary 48H Maisons de Mode president Armand Hadida presented his honorary prize. A select group of industry professionals in attendance also bestowed their own awards on designers they judged deserving. Awards were given by Boutique2Mode, the agency IYE, Tranoï, Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin, BOCI, Who’s Next, Première Classe, Printemps Lille department store, and The Family Market x Playologie. These prizes offer concrete opportunities for designers: stands at trade fairs, sales corners at retailers, guidance, coaching and more. Maisons de Mode also presented its Grand Prize worth €25,000.

The 2019 prizewinners were:

Daniel Essa won the Maisons de Mode Grand Prize (€25,000 in support of a label for its development).

U-Exist received both the honorary prize awarded by Armand Hadida and the IYE agency prize (guidance and support in creating content for 2019-2020).

Lucie Brochard was awarded the Tranoï (a stand at the trade fair).

Oh Suzy won the Coup de Coeur audience favourite prize in the apparel category. The label also was chosen by fashion distribution professionals voting through the magazine Boutique2Mode (magazine coverage as well as a campaign in industry newsletters). The label also snagged the Playologie x Family Market prize (a year’s membership to an online B2B sales platform and support in photo shoots for products as a well a pop-up shop at the Family Market in Switzerland).

De Maarse took home the BOCI prize (a year’s membership in the union to benefit from the federation’s services).

Ohiri took the Première Classe prize (a stand at the trade fair).

Voir(e) will take part in the next Who’s Next (a stand at the trade fair) and was chosen to be advised by the Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin (brand coaching advisement by the womenswear federation during four meetings throughout a year).

Philippe Perissé won the Printemps de Lille prize (a spot in the Printemps fashion show and a pop-up shop during the Christmas season).

Edie Grim won support from the Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin (brand coaching advisement by the womenswear federation during four meetings throughout a year).

Gamme Blanche won the Coup de Coeur audience favourite prize in the accessories category.

Maisons de Mode partners also chose to award two European designers present on that night as part of the United Fashion project.

Constança Entrudo won the Who’s Next prize (a stand at the trade fair).

Mieke Dirckx was awarded the Playologie x Family Market prize (a year’s membership to an online B2B sales platform and support in photo shoots for products as a well a pop-up shop at Family Market in Switzerland).

Maisons de Mode Events

United Fashion x Maisons de Mode : the B2B showroom

On Friday 13 September, on the occasion of the 48H Maisons de Mode and within the framework of the European project United Fashion, Maisons de Mode set up a showroom for its own designers as well as for 14 designers from across Europe to greet buyers and industry professionals at Lille Metropole 2020, Capitale Mondiale du Design. More than thirty buyers from France, the rest of Europe and Asia stopped by…

Maisons de Mode Events

United Fashion x Maisons de Mode : industry panel discussions on distribution

Bannière Conférences Maisons de Mode United Fashion

A look back on the first day of the 48H Maisons de Mode of the work of the United Fashion.
Discussions devoted to distribution and, in particular, the distribution of emerging brands moderated by Adrien Garcia of podcast Entreprendre dans la Mode with an impressive list of panelists: Véronique Beaumont of Esmod Pro, Ekaterina Guseva of Storefront, Marie Camille Goutteratel of Balzac Paris, Sylvette Boutin Lepers of La Redoute, Maëva Bessis of L’Exception, Benoît Wojtenka of Bonne Gueule, Steeve Lambert of Digi-tales, Vincent Cotte of La Redoute , Daniel Essa, Alexandra Tistounet of Printemps Paris, Nathalie Blanchet of L’ Eclaireur, Diane Lepel Cointet of Tranoï, Sebastien de Hutten-Czapski of Playologie, Patricia Lerat of PLC Consulting Paris, Benjamin Mazza of No Season Showroom, Alexandra Remise of Mathilde Cabanas et Justine Clenquet !
Industry professionals and designers participated in discussions throughout the day on topics of the different, already-existing distribution strategies. Brands were also able to take advantage of the priceless counsel to help develop their business and brand strategies.

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Maisons de Mode Events

Major model casting by Exception Model Management

casting mannequin 48h maisons de mode 2019

The Exception Model Management Agency, a Maisons de Mode partner for campaigns and fashion shows, has been a discoverer of many talents today known on the international stage. Exception Model Management is conducting a huge model search within the framework of 48H Maisons de Mode. For two afternoons, Saturday and Sunday the 14th and 15th of September, three bookers from the agency will be present to meet women and men wishing to become professional models.

The search is for women from 1.7m tall and up and men from 1.8m tall and up, age 16 years old and older.

For those younger than 18, parental authorisation must be provided. This could be your chance to join the Exception Model Management Agency and become the face of the next Maisons de Mode campaign.