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Thomas Vasseur

  • Collection 2017 Atelier Voir(e)
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  • Collection 2017 Atelier Voir(e)
  • Collection 2017 Atelier Voir(e)
  • Collection 2017 Atelier Voir(e)
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Voir(e) : small collection of great stories

Throught Vpir(e)’s collections, Thomas Vasseur suggests another approach to male classics by offering mixed wardrobe. The pieces tell stories, invite you to travel, to escape, go and discover beautiful lands.

Stories go on and on and on. They combine, separate, complement each other, even with assumed pieces.

If the search for perfection is an endless engine in the work of VOIR(E), imperfections, desired or undesired, are part of the composition of a piece. They have the power to enhance it, to grant it charm and make it a little more unique.

Know-how, craftsmanship, customs, literature, art and music are among the major influences for the composition of each of the stories. Inspirations can be found in singular and poetic pieces with ethnic and historical details, closely interwoven with everyday life elements : clothes to live in.