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Fanny Dheygere

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Niniii offers the unexpected in designs that challenged our pre-conceived notions of fashion.

Ninii considers its mission to add a flash of self-deprecation, a hint of originality and large doses of joie de vivre in each of the label’s creations.

Everyday objects are transformed into charming motifs: the Jambon Blanc dress features prints of ham, the Cornets de Frites sweatshirt has embroidery of chips, and the Gloire des Saucisses top is embellished with images of sausages. Ninii is an epicurean and loves the simple pleasures, those that do a spirit good and soothe the heart.

The Ninii aesthetic takes the most offbeat, joyous and tasty things life and turns them into prints, weaves, embroideries and images to grace its garments. Ninii adds whimsy to fashion, elevating earthly pleasures to the realm of the sublime.

By working mainly with motifs, Ninii makes fun fashionable – and fashion fun and tasty. The garments are cut simply but elegantly, largely inspired by sportswear. The motifs, largely yummy goodies, are either placed at the center of a garment or repeated all over it. The garments themselves are made in various materials, such as cotton, washed silk and neoprene.

And for those who want to jazz up items already hanging in their closets, Ninii also has a collection of patches that can be sewn or ironed on easily to your fave pieces.

Because Ninii wishes to support the economy of the beautiful region of the North of France, this is where the label produces its garments and patches.

Decidedly disenchanted by the mass production of clothing, Ninii creates its garments in small runs, in the spirit that each piece is ‘one-of-a-kind’. And because Ninii does not like to dictate who should wear its garments, nor when and where, Ninii doesn’t label its collections for summer or winter – nor for men or women. If you feel Ninii, wear Ninii: whenever, wherever, whoever you are.

The force behind the label is creative director Fanny Dheygere, who paid her dues working four years in Paris in the trenches of fashion and accessories as an assistant art director. She has also worked as a silk screen and textile designer at the side of Anne Gelbard in the luxury sector for labels such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Bruno Frisoni. Also valuable is her specialised experience in the domains of fashion and textiles.

A total of seven years of varied experiences allows her to approach every facet of fashion and textile design. Dheygere launched Ninii to blend two of the things she thinks makes life worth living: style and hedonistic pleasures.
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58-60 rue du Faubourg des Postes, 59000 Lille

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Créateur en incubation au Jardin de Mode 58-60 rue du Faubourg des Postes à Lille.

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