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Charlotte Cazal

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A graduate of both Toulouse’s Université d’Arts Plastiques and Barcelona’s Escola de la Llotja, Charlotte Cazal is the force behind the Demeure label.

With support from the French government for her creations, Cazal took part in several exhibitions and performances covered by the French media from 2004 to 2012. Cazal was then inspired to take her art to a different level, using fashion as the medium to impart her message.

In tandem with her ongoing passion for the arts (poetry, dance, design, film) and materials in general (clay, stone, thread, rope, etc.), the designer has always had a penchant for textiles, which have figured in her artistic creations.

The art of handcrafted works and a love of textiles are traditions that have been in Cazal’s family for generations. As a girl, she tagged along with her mother to thrift shops. Now, as a woman, she browses, chooses and repurposes her finds, integrating them into her everyday life.

Bit by bit, the idea for a ‘work of clothing’ took shape in her mind: a wardrobe of garments created with second-hand fabric and made in France, sturdy but graceful, with each piece evoking a story and a history.

Pure, minimalist style combined with top-notch finishings and enhanced by silkscreen prints of artists chosen by the designer.

Demeure is a French sustainable high-end label with a new, contemporary approach to clothing that masterfully blends ethics with aesthetics.

Cazal and her colleague Julie Armenaud decided to set up their first boutique-atelier a stone’s throw from the La Piscine Museum in Roubaix, in keeping with Cazal’s love of art.
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