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Hélène Boulanger et Franck Laureys

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French designer Hélène is well-recognised in France in the world of fashion (Coxwen, Sue Elen…). Franck is passionate about photography, art, design and architecture. The two often found themselves swimming past each other at the pool.

Now longtime friends, they decided to create a label with items they’d love to find themselves while shopping. Their efforts have resulted in garments created from the most innovative and highest performing materials, with cuts that are architectural and body sculpting, with streamlined design that enhances the silhouette of the sportlover wearing each piece.
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103 avenue Jean Lebas, 59100 Roubaix

Ouverture :
Du Mercredi au Samedi de 13h à 19h

Contact :
06 82 32 64 94

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