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Maisons de Mode in the Media

Le défilé de Philippe Périssé a marqué la Fashion Week de Paris

Défilé Philippe Périssé Fashion Week Paris mars 2020 Fashion Network


Philippe Périssé sait entretenir la surprise et le mystère ! Pour présenter sa nouvelle collection lors de la dernière Fashion Week de Paris, il a donné rendez-vous à son public – fidèles, clients, acheteurs professionnels et presse – chez Madame Arthur, célèbre cabaret transformiste de la capitale française.

Les aficionados du créateur se sont régalés dans ce défilé qui mixait à merveille pièces des vestiaires féminin et masculin.

Cet événement n’a pas échappé à Fashion Network qui l’évoque dans un article où Paris célèbre un certain retour à la fraîcheur et à la légèreté, parmi Thom Browne, Issey Miyake et Anaïs Jourden.
Retrouvez l’intégralité des silhouettes du défilé en cliquant ici !

Crédits photos : Fashion Network

Maisons de Mode in the Media

Le Colonel Moutarde : le renouveau du textile des Hauts de France sur TF1

C’était ce soir au 20h de TF1 ! Un reportage consacré au renouveau du textile dans notre région où l’on a eu plaisir de retrouver Le Colonel Moutarde, qui a fait ses débuts au sein de Maisons de Mode !
Une belle aventure, partie de l’envie pour Rémi de se faire son propre noeud papillon. Aujourd’hui, l’entreprise ne cesse de grandir : 25 personnes travaillent chez Le Colonel dans un esprit start-up de la mode, des boutiques qui ont fleuri à Lille, Lyon, Paris et Londres, un tout nouveau site internet et des projets à n’en plus finir.
Félicitations à eux !

Maisons de Mode in the Media

Maisons de Mode pop-up store opens its doors in Vieux Lille to Grand Lille TV

The Maisons de Mode project has set up its own pop-up shop in the historic Vieux-Lille quarter.
From this 12 November to 31 January, the public will be able to feast their eyes on an original selection of items by Maisons de Mode brands and designers of apparel, accessories and lifestyle products right in the heart of Vieux-Lille. Each month, you can discover 15 Maisons de Mode labels and brands as well as other essential fashion talents from the Hauts-de-France region. This concept attracted the attention of the Grand Lille TV channel, which came to interview Maisons de Mode co-director Emmanuelle Axer.

Maisons de Mode in the Media

U-Exist featured on Magazine de la Santé on France 5

Cable channel France 5’s Le Magazine de la Santé sur France 5 recently did a segment on fashion for the disabled where, of course U-Exist was featured.

« Play with your difference »​
That’s the philosophy behind U-Exist, an activist orthopedic design studio that’s unique in the world. As motif and pattern designers, the brand offers customisation and personalisation services for orthopedic equipment to allow the user to express their individual personality and style.

Facilitating access to design in orthopedic equipment is what drives the team. A true bridge between the patient and the orthotist, they contribute to the concept and printing of the design, working with the orthotist in the application of the design on the equipment. Before that, they work with the patient in seeking how to best express the patient’s personality. A true collaboration, they play with differences.

More than just an orthopedic design studio, U-Exist is a new way of looking at disability, an actor in the development of defending the rights of every person using a device to re-invent themselves, expressing their individuality, their creativity and their feelings.

Surrounded by cold and impersonal equipment, Simon Colin, graduate in orthopedics was driven to bring aesthetic flavor to the world of disability through customisation of prosthetics, orthotics and corsets.

This is how U-Exist came into being, laying the foundations for how to exist through one’s device.
Soon joined by stylist and artistic director Amandine Labbé, the U-Exist experience began to take shape and set out to revolutionise through fashion how disability is seen.

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Maisons de Mode in the Media

Kamini découvre Maisons de Mode dans Les Gens des Hauts sur France 3


Kamini est parti à la découverte des richesses de la ville de Roubaix dans Les Gens des Hauts sur France 3, émission diffusée ce dimanche ! Il en a profité pour faire une escale chez Maisons de Mode où il a pu rencontrer Jeanne Gulchak, créatrice de La Jeannette, Emmanuelle Axer, directrice du label et Marine Bigo, créatrice de Minirine.
Il a également fait un passage chez Charlotte, créatrice de La Maison Demeure qui lui a fait découvrir son activité d’impression de cuir, qu’elle a débuté lors de son accompagnement chez Maisons de Mode.

Maisons de Mode in the Media

A clip from Des Gens des Hauts with Kamini et Minirine

A few weeks ago, cable channel France 3 announcer Kamini came to Roubaix with a television crew to discover the joys of the city. They stopped by Maisons de Mode where they met designers – including Marine Bigo, the creative force behind Minirine.
France 3 has released a clip of its interview with Marine that you’ll be able to see in its full version Sunday 19 May at 12.55 pm.

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Maisons de Mode in the Media

Philippe Perissé, guest on France’s TV5 Monde

Philippe Perissé loves women who are daring, bold, and full of character and natural charisma. Women one can meet one time but never forget, women with a Parisian allure, blending masculine chic and feminine charm, women who carry within themselves a uniqueness, a sophistication and a sense of mischief.
This is not surprising for someone who collects military uniforms, is obsessed with the art nouveau master Mucha, loves 1940s Hollywood films and illustrators, and who studied at Paris’ renowned Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture. Degree in hand, he paid his dues with stints at Jean-Louis Scherrer Haute Couture, followed by work at John Galliano. He then went on to sharpen his eye and skills by working with new designers such as Alain Gossuin and Delphine Murat.
After training in development and management of luxury brands at the illustrious Institut Français de la Mode, he was tapped to serve in managing the collections of Catherine André. Following that, he joined the luxury products division of L’Oréal, developing cosmetics collections for Lancôme and Armani. But design kept calling him back…
Guided by the goal to reveal the confidence, beauty and innate superb nature of woman, he began to conceive and create pieces for his private clientele. He was finally ready to take the plunge: he created his eponymous label. The cuts he constructed – structured shoulders and defined waistlines – have become a trademark of Philippe Perissé. But his imprint bears a claw – the claw of his mascot “Beau.”
A symbol of hedonism that is at once poetic and naughty, Beau also acts as a guardian angel for his clients.
Beau is his label’s emblem, an astonishing chimera that’s a cross between a bull terrier and an eagle. It is something of an alter ego for designer Philippe Perissé – as well as being the label’s first ambassador.
Beau takes as his motto Age Quod Agis – whatever you do, do it well…especially in fun.
Philippe Perissé takes this credo to heart. A true tailor, he brings to life impeccable collections for day and night, as well as unique pieces made on demand.