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33rd Marché des Modes in the spotlight : Meilleur Ami


At the base of Meilleur Ami is a very specific fashion concept.

There is the belief that accessories are anything but secondary. Rather, they communicate a style and a state of mind. There is also a deep love fashion shared by a man and a woman for whom fashion is a veritable calling. Delphine Brossard and Fabien Larchez first invented the ideal handbag before turning their attention to the scarf. Despite the object being different, their approach is the same: to elevate the easily dismissed to something sublime and essential.

Larchez and scarves have something of a history. He grew up in a family with a passion for fashionable neckwear: neckties, scarves both voluminous and discreet, stoles, and more. He has maintained and nourished his love of fabric, a certain taste for colour and an idea of the well-chosen scarf, the asset that helps you put your best face forward. The only problem he has: choosing the best way to tie them. So he set out to create a scarf that falls perfectly. It would be an infinity scarf in very precise sizes that would wrap itself around the neck to form a comforting cloud to complement the wearer’s look. This well-thought-out accessory would be for men as well as for women.

In their quest for perfection, Brossard and Larchez take exceptional care in the prints and production of Meilleur Amiscarves. After personally designing the patterns for the collection themselves, they have their high-quality silks printed in Italy, near Lake Como, a region renowned for its tradition of excellent printing on fabrics. But it is back in the Parisian workshop that the fabric is transformed into scarves. This specifically chosen way of working is done to preserve the quiet but treasured Parisian tradition of luxury craftsmanship.

Silks from Meilleur Ami pay tribute to a revolutionary era when scarves were crafted by specialists and these accessories were made to last a lifetime. A time when fragrances were intoxicating, offices were smoke-filled and women dreamed of being Catherine Deneuve and men dreamed of being Alain Delon. It is this era that Meilleur Ami cherishes and evokes – for the better. The character in the prints, the life in the colours, the whispery lightness in the silks…

Come discover the scarves of Meilleur Ami at the Marché des Modes which will take place this December 6-8 at ENSAIT and at Le Vestiaire and in the Maisons de Mode boutiques along the Avenue Jean-Lebas in Roubaix.

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