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U-Exist featured on Magazine de la Santé on France 5

Cable channel France 5’s Le Magazine de la Santé sur France 5 recently did a segment on fashion for the disabled where, of course U-Exist was featured.

« Play with your difference »​
That’s the philosophy behind U-Exist, an activist orthopedic design studio that’s unique in the world. As motif and pattern designers, the brand offers customisation and personalisation services for orthopedic equipment to allow the user to express their individual personality and style.

Facilitating access to design in orthopedic equipment is what drives the team. A true bridge between the patient and the orthotist, they contribute to the concept and printing of the design, working with the orthotist in the application of the design on the equipment. Before that, they work with the patient in seeking how to best express the patient’s personality. A true collaboration, they play with differences.

More than just an orthopedic design studio, U-Exist is a new way of looking at disability, an actor in the development of defending the rights of every person using a device to re-invent themselves, expressing their individuality, their creativity and their feelings.

Surrounded by cold and impersonal equipment, Simon Colin, graduate in orthopedics was driven to bring aesthetic flavor to the world of disability through customisation of prosthetics, orthotics and corsets.

This is how U-Exist came into being, laying the foundations for how to exist through one’s device.
Soon joined by stylist and artistic director Amandine Labbé, the U-Exist experience began to take shape and set out to revolutionise through fashion how disability is seen.

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