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Spotlight 32nd Marché des Modes : The Cyclist

The Cyclist Marché des Modes mai 2019 Maisons de Mode

The Cyclist is a new label of high quality accessories designed specifically for urban cyclists. Bags, scarves and jewellery are conceived by the label with the goal of simplifying the daily lives of city dwellers by responding to their specific needs: accessories that blend elegant form with function. The collection also serves a third need: that of making the wearer visible in night traffic, when they are at their most vulnerable. This is why most of the pieces in the collection feature details in retro reflective materials. By day, these details appear to be purely aesthetic – but at night they shine in the headlights of vehicles around them, increasing the visibility of the wearer to drivers and others.

The label is the brainchild of Franco-Dutch designer Julie Thissen, who has combined her love of beautiful bags with city cycling as the ultimate form of transport. Her taste is evident in the materials and production techniques used to create the varied pieces. She strikes the right balance between elegance and practicality to get around by bike in cities as different as Paris and Rotterdam. The label was born when she couldn’t find the right bag to meet her aesthetic and everyday needs…so she decided to make it herself. Thus the first and then second collection of bags arrived, which led to a range of accessories developed under her label The Cyclist.

Julie Thissen’s collections will be on hand for you to discover at the upcoming edition of the Marché des Modes, taking place this 24 au 26 mai 2019 at La Salle Watremez and at Le Vestiaire Maisons de Mode in Roubaix.

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