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Spotlight 32nd Marché des Modes : Historia Natural

Historia Natural Marché des Modes mai 2019 Maisons de Mode

It was a love story that led designer Eva Falkowski to Colombia. Discoveries, chance meetings, ideas and revelations came one after another to create the inspiration for Historia Natural : a sparkling Franco-Colombian hybrid. This label first took root in 2016 in Bogota, in a workshop that made pyjamas.

In a quest for simplicity and sobriety in style, the designer created the first bathing suit, dubbed “Sencillo”: a one-piece that crossed in the back. From there the DNA of the label was formed: simplicity, complexity, a desire for perfection, serious but with a certain allure.

Each piece is meticulously conceived with the body in mind: how it moves, bends and flexes, taking into account the fluctuating nature of being a woman. A journey and exchange between two cultures resonates with every collection, designed and executed between France and Colombia. The body and its form and dynamic nature are the starting point of each bathing suit. Special attention has been paid to link each swimsuit with the story the designer has in mind. Every year, she crosses the Atlantic back and forth, designing prototypes and working with production to turn technical expertise into the sun-soaked energy of the label.

The label has now officially launched its second collection: Les Solaires. The name references the colours inspired by the bouquets of flowers sold by vendors on the streets of Bogota. Les Solaires is also about the woman who combines strength and softness and is never less than fascinating.

Now an established force to be reckoned with in its second collection, Historia Natural combines allure, high performance and comfort in every piece. Each garment is made of material that offers flexibility to the wearer while protecting her from UV rays and resisting the ravages of chlorine.

Conceived for every woman and for all activities. The collection is composed of three one-piece bathing suits, three tops and two shapes of bottoms available in a wide range of colours to mix and match as you please.

Alongside this year’s collection, other collections called ‘Excursus’ have been developed to respond to the needs for optimasation of the fabric and innovation to perfect the garments. These pieces will be available only in limited editions.

You can find Eva Falkowski and her Historia Natural collections during the next Marché des Modes taking place 24-26 May 2019 in Roubaix at La Salle Wattremez and Le Vestiaire.

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