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Henri De Kergolay & Quentin Xavier

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Urban Circus offers designer clothing where style meets safety through the re-invention of the ‘yellow safety vest’.

The label came into being when the yellow safety vest became legally required for bikers and cyclists. The designers saw an opportunity with this safety legislation to reinvent the safety vest while making it fashionable. The desire and ambition were to democratise high visibility in ready-to-wear clothing. Breathing new life into it while bringing it up-to-date, the designers decided to give lie to Karl Lagerfeld’s aesthetic opinion of the garment, while maintaining its purpose: “The yellow vest is ugly, it does not go with anything,” said the late Chanel designer. “But it can save your life.”

In a world full of intense, reflective, fluorescent colour, the label offers a new approach: more fun, more tech, sexier but with safety first.

Urban Circus shatters the codes associated with the yellow safety vest to make original garments that guarantee road visibility while conceiving complete collections for men and women. The label’s specialty is the High Visibility safety vest (EN1150 standards): reversible, unisex, ultra-functional with gadgets that allow you to minimise risks on the road.

The goal of Urban Circus is to make safety fun by encouraging young people to be responsible on the road. Just think of the fashion of tomorrow, with colours that liven up our winters and reduce road risks by 70%.

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