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Chloé Coppola et Quentin Ung

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Quentin, who comes from a background where art is secondary, draws his inspiration from the environment and the conditions in which he grew up. For a long time his interest in creation was expressed exclusively through drawing. From there were born armor, costumes or even uniforms intended to drown out differences. But it was as he grew up that he understood the importance of being unique and deviating from norms, overcoming boredom. Taking back a piece of clothing, a plaid or a curtain and then deconstructing them has become a game and a real commitment to the environmental cause. For Quentin, fashion, due to its indecisive boundaries, is a means of expression with unlimited potential.

Chloé, a designer of Franco-Italian origin, was marked by the Catholic culture, which she considers at times archaic, as demonstrated by southern Italy. It is surely this cultural gap that created in her a commitment to women and minorities. Passionate about philosophy and trends such as Situationism, she uses fashion as a sociological tool to change mores. It appeared to him as a weapon to fight against backward mentalities and the limits of our society. Refusing the waste of overconsumption and having always had a vast artistic practice, upcycling has become a means of creation that she loves. From a very young age, she became interested in art and for a long time found it difficult to choose her path among all the disciplines she tried. Today, she sees this creative diversity as a real strength in the project shared with Quentin. For her, fashion, art and performance are closely linked and she wants to nurture N / A of all those areas that inspire them.

N / A was born from their meeting at the Chardon Savard workshop. They immediately shared similar ideas on the fashion of tomorrow: creating their brand in order to combine their two universes and develop a committed and responsible brand was obvious by placing N / A as the heir to the anti -fashion and conceptual fashion. Against the voracity of fast fashion production, they are keen to create few collections per year and promote collabs and capsule collections, which guarantee their customers a certain exclusivity and keep a clean universe, a playful approach. just like the removability in their first collection. Think of clothing as an object that evolves over time and in everyone’s wardrobe. Concerned about the environmental cause, they make sure to use as many materials, fabrics and leathers as possible, as well as second-hand clothes. Chloé and Quentin want to design pieces for the future and for those who understand it.

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