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Marine Penet

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Marine Penet, a designer by training from France’s Opal coast, launched Gamme Blanche in 2016.

After studying art and fashion design in Lille, most notably at the esteemed institution ESAAT, she followed up by pursuing a specialisation in fashion communications at Paris’ famed Atelier Chardon Savard. This led to many experiences working as a fashion stylist for print work, which resulted in Penet deciding to launch her own jewellery brand.

Penet designs each piece of the Gamme Blanche collection in Lille. Ethereal and minimalist best describe the world of Gamme Blanche: pure lines of graphic and mineral character, influenced by architecture and by nature, in tones weathered, washed and glacial. Penet strives to create pieces that are timeless and lasting, blending quality and design.

Taking care in expressing her aesthetic vision while elevating the look of the person wearing her pieces, Penet sees her work as little treasures that never leave you. Their value can be simply sentimental or in their beauty, but they become talismans and good luck charms by virtue of their use of fine stones.

In gold-plated silver and brass covered in fine gold, Penet’s pieces are handcrafted by jewellery artisans in Jaipur using techniques in the traditions of the Maharajahs – an ancestral savoir-faire revered around the world. Attentive to the high ethical standards of her brand, Penet guarantees that her work is produced with no child labour and that each artisan involved in producing her pieces is paid a living wage with adequate time off. Gamme Blanche also strives to minimise its impact on the environment by optimising logistics to reduce its carbon footprint. The brand also chooses packaging that is natural and/or recyclable.

All of above elements come together to make Gamme Blanche exceptional: high quality materials, experienced artisans, and extreme care in the production of jewellery where each step involves hand craftsmanship. Chosen to join Maisons de Mode in 2017, Marine Penet will set up shop soon in a Maisons de Mode boutique-atelier in Lille.


  • Boutique Gamme Blanche (Marine Penet) - Maisons de Mode
  • Boutique Gamme Blanche (Marine Penet) - Maisons de Mode
  • Boutique Gamme Blanche (Marine Penet) - Maisons de Mode

Gamme Blanche

62 rue du Faubourg des Postes, 59000 Lille

Ouverture : Du Mercredi au Samedi de 14h à 19h


06 29 97 21 64